Try It Tuesday: Microfiber Wash Mitt and Drying Towel


Microfiber Clean Set
Manufacturer: Yepal
Size: Towel 22” x 30” (55 x 76 cm); Mitt 8.2” x 12.6” (21 x 32 cm)
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Yepal Microfiber Clean Set, Including 1 pcs of 380GSM Classical Microfiber Drying Towel and 1 pcs of Microfiber Car Wash Mitt, Microfiber Drying Towel at Extra Large Size at 22″x 30″, in Light Yellow Color, Unique Waffle Design,Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Size at 8.2″x12.6″, in Dark Orange Color, Dry or Wet Usage, Optional Usage for Auto Dry and Clean, Kitchen Dry and Clean, Bathroom Dry and Clean, Glass Dry and Clean and Computer Clean etc

  • Yepal microfiber clean set touch soft and comfortable, no harmful for cleaning surface, ideal for high quality caring demand work as car clean, piano clean etc. much more durable than traditional terry towel
  • Drying towel with unique waffle design looking, absorb 2 times water than traditional terry towel, reducing drying time with less wring out; Cleaning wash mitt with chenille polyester fiber, long durable and long wearable. and strong detergency and can more effectively capture particles and dust
  • Easily clean, anti-bacterial treatment and no germ even in wet condition
  • Lint-free and swirl-free ,100% money back if you are not completely satisfied with yepal microfiber clean set , and see all the other clean caring products herein on amazon , just in search of Yepal



Review: Before opening the box I read all the care instructions on the side. Most were typical – wash before using, wash only with like colors, no bleach, etc. But one threw me – wash only with other microfiber products. Maybe my small household is out of the norm but I do not have a full wash load of microfiber products. In fact, I don’t even have a small load. According to the directions, washing with other fabrics will cause the microfiber to clog, reducing it’s effectiveness. Good to know but I’m not sure about washing only two or three items.

Now for the good. Having recently bought a new(ish) car, I jumped at the chance to review these products. I’ve always preferred to wash my car with a mitt rather than a sponge or cloth. This mitt handles my large hands with room to spare. It will easily take on a man’s larger hands. And microfiber on the mitt is extremely soft. I have no fears about it scratching my car or computer monitor. In fact, it’s so soft I’ve been thinking I can buy several and make a pillow out of them.

The towel is larger than I had anticipated. (I always have trouble judging measurements.) It works great on wiping down the windows after washing my car. No water spots, no smudges (if I do my job right). I used to squeegee the windows to prevent streaks and spots but it’s so much easier to towel dry them.