Try it Tuesday: Mengo Stealth Armor Cell Phone Case



Mengo Stealth Armor Shockproof Case for HTC One (M8) Featuring Cloud Cushion Technology and Matte Screen Protector (Sterling)
Manufacturer: Mengo
Weight / Size: 3.2 oz.
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Four stage safeguard system includes frontal defense shield, fingerprint resistant matte screen protector, TPU (hard plastic & soft silicon) cloud cushioned layer, and back door with built-in kickstand

  • Fingerprint resistant matte screen protector included for optional use
  • TPU cloud cushioned technology layer for shock-absorbent damage protection
  • Built-in kickstand allows for easy horizontal viewing at a 45 degree angle
  • Hassle free, 1 year warranty – no questions asked


Review: When I received my Mengo Stealth Case the packaging it arrived it was in tact and wrapped well.  It was in a small padded envelope and inside it was in a plastic wrapped sleeve.  It held up to the shipping but I would have liked to see it in a little something sturdier.  All it would have taken is to drop a heaver package on it in error and the case would have been toast.

I picked this case for review because I just got my phone a little while ago and I have a case but was looking for something that would protect it a little more in terms of accidental drops.  Once unpackaged I took the case apart and really looked into all of the pieces.  There are three different pieces to this case, four if you include the screen protector.  At first glance I wasn’t overly impressed.  The outer shell is made of a cheap feeling plastic that looks like it would break on first impact with a hard surface.  The middle liner is a rubberized material that is meant to go against the phone.  The case also has a built in kickstand.  Luckily I have fingernails otherwise I would have hard a hard tie pulling out the kick stand.  This is also made from the same plastic as the front and back outer shell.  The one thing I did like about this is that the middle layer has a rubber lining that is supposed to protect your phone.  The downfall to this is that there is no protection between the phone and where the kickstand is.  It is just a ruff plastic to rub against the phone.

I found throughout my use of this case that it made my phone feel bulkier than I like and the plastic outer shell slippery to hold.  I would like to say I tested it on impact but I have to admit that I did not have the faith that the case would protect my phone from damage.

All in all it would be an ok starter case while I looked for the one that I really want.  I would not recommend to people who have a fast paced job or use their phones a lot as I can see the slippery surface and the bulkiness as an issue.

The packaging and price were good but the product just doesn’t live up to what I was hoping to get.  I will not be recommending this case, but would be open to trying another product from this company in the future.  The idea is there I just think the materials used need to be improved upon.