Try It Tuesday: Manual Nose Hair Trimmer by Muzitao


Manual Nose Hair Trimmer
Manufacturer: Muzitao
Weight / Size: 2 x 0.8 x 1.3 inches; .3 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Easy-to-use small compact manual nose hair trimmer. If you’ve used the bullet-shaped model you’ll appreciate the single-hand operation of this model, especially for ear hair! The trimmers don’t pull the hairs. No more tears or cringing in expectation of pinching. The more you use them the better at it you’ll get.


Review:  Having nose hair is a fact of life, but the removal of it shouldn’t be intimidating. In testing the Nose Hair Trimmer by Muzitao, I found myself cringing every time I even got the device close to a hair.

It’s a nifty little device to have, I’m sure, but I am more comfortable with a pair of tweezers that will allow me to simply remove the offending hair. With the Manual Nose Hair Trimmer, it takes practice to snap the trimmer repeatedly while moving it around. Think of it as a weed eater for nose hair without the noise.

The product arrived in a tiny hard shell case that was a bit difficult to open. Maybe if it had come in a decorative color it wouldn’t have reminded me of an instrument of torture. My husband also tried it and noted that even though it did trim the hairs in his nose, it would require quite a bit of practice before he was comfortable using it instead of tweezers.

The metal construction clearly makes this a durable product. There’s even a small brush included to clean the hairs from the trimmer. Was it enough to make me want to abandon my current hair removal method? Nope.