Review: Love Beyond Boundries Book 1 by Cara Downey

Love Beyond Boundries: A Collection of Erotic Poetry by Cara Downey
Series: Book 1
Release Date: March 28, 2014
Publisher: self published
Pages: 69
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Love knows no boundaries… It doesn’t know the difference between gender, race or social status. This collection of poetry follows the journey of two people, who through ups and downs, never gives up on their happiness or the love they feel for each other.


Review:  When I think of poetry, I get transported back to high school English class filled with sonnets and haikus.

Author Cara Downey takes a much different approach in her collection titled Love Beyond Boundries: A Collection of Erotic Poetry, Book 1. While described as a collection of erotic poetry, I’m more inclined to think of its as erotic short stories with a strong element of BDSM included.

The editor in me wanted to do some clean up work from a grammatical standpoint, but the errors weren’t enough to cause a major distraction. The overall premise reminds me of a collection of erotic essays, but each chapter is connected to the previous one. The spelling of “Boundries”  in the title did cause me a bit of confusion, particularly since the spelling is changed for the author’s next collection.

There are no names used, but the book focuses on a man and a woman obviously in a BDSM relationship. The author uses graphic descriptions in setting the stage for various topics ranging from punishment to being collared. To me, there is a lot of pride and joy communicated in the language used to tell the story of a Dominant and his submissive.

Although this might not be my first choice of erotic reading material, the author presented a well-researched look into the BDSM lifestyle with plenty of heat added.







One thought on “Review: Love Beyond Boundries Book 1 by Cara Downey

  1. Cara Downey says:

    I appreciate the honest review 🙂 I’ve learned quite a bit since writing and self publishing those two collections of erotic poetry/short stories.

    The new series I’m currently working on I’ve had edited by an editor to catch the grammar errors I missed… I will love to come back as soon as I release book one in my new series. I love to read and to write and I only see bright things for the future and continued growth in my writing 🙂

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