Review: Down the Rabbit Hole by Monica Corwin

Down the Rabbit Hole by Monica Corwin
Series: Wonderland Tales
Release Date: July 31, 2014
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 17
Source: book provided by publisher for review



Elsa feels safe when her favorite hot cop comes into her coffee shop, especially with a serial killer on the loose.

Elsa Waters works long hours running The Rabbit Hole, a coffee shop in the center of town. Her only dreams consist of keeping the business afloat and the sexy police officer who doesn’t even notice her on his daily coffee run.

Officer Harris March tried everything in the book to get Elsa to show some sort of interest in him. With a serial killer on the loose, a dangerous idea takes root in his mind, and he decides to risk it all for the chance to have the woman of his dreams.


Review: Throughout this book I really felt sorry for Elsa, the main female character. She seems to be a very weak woman. Her male interest, Officer Harris March is the exact opposite. He is strong and confident.

The setting is in Elsa’s coffee shop. The entire book revolves around her shop and a mystery serial killer. I feel like this storyline was realistic and not too farfetched. The characters, story and setting are all down to earth and not exaggerated.

The ending really spent my mind into questions. I think I almost had a panic attach because I really want to know what happens next. I wish there would have been a few more pages to go into a little more detail.