Product Review: Tablet Stand

iPad Stand – Portable Waterproof Travel Stand For Your iPad, Tablet, e-reader, Smartphone & iPhone
Manufacturer: Muzitao
Weight: 0.3 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

iPad Stand

The strength of these iPad stands are the durability of material. They won’t break and can be stuffed into a backpack or suitcase or in the backseat of the car. Kids can use them and they are very stable.

Tablet Stand

A very practical sturdy stand for your portable screen. This stand fits most iPads, tablets, iPhones, smart phones and e-readers.

Helpful User Reviews

Great to use if you have a Bluetooth Keyboard

Since I use my Bluetooth keyboard when I use my tablets, this stand is perfect for me to use as it holds my tablet close to the keyboard and they function well together. This is so handy to use when traveling, it turns my tablet into almost a laptop when I use this stand with the keyboard.


Charging my devices in this stand (and using them at the same time) – Since there is no open space on the bottom of this stand in which to insert a charger, I just place my phone or tablet in landscape and keep it in the stand and charge it this way. Then I can still use the stand (in landscape) while it is charging when it is in need of a charge).

Build Quality

Because this stand is wider on the bottom, it easily stands on a table without tipping the phone or tablet. Hint: When I placed a large Tab Pro 10.1 in Portrait stance in this stand, it was somewhat top heavy but it did not tip over. However, I am very careful so I prefer to place ANY LARGE tablet (10inch and above) in Landscape position as it is safer in this stand this way. However, I found that this stand does not slide around like some stands do.


Review:  I recently bought a new kindle and was looking for some sort of stand to prop it up while cooking from a recipe or watching a video.  So, when this iPad stand review request came across my desk and it was kindle compatible, I jumped at the chance to review.  It does come in multiple colors, I just chose red to go with my kitchen.

The product is made of a very hard, sturdy plastic and is pretty lightweight.  It’s circular with an angled notch where you place your device.  When I first got it, I didn’t think my kindle was going to fit.  Since it’s not as thin as a iPad, it doesn’t slid to the very bottom of the notch.  However, it does fit very securely.  I was also a little concerned that the edges were going to scrape the glass of my kindle.  However, after a couple months of use, I’ve had no problems.

I’ve used the product in my kitchen while cooking, using it to hold my kindle which was displaying a recipe.  I’ve also used it at work to prop up my kindle while listening to an audio book, making it easier to quickly turn my device off and on.  And it is currently sitting on my beside table so I can watch videos from the comfort of my bed.

I have really enjoyed this stand and am likely going to pick up a couple more so that I don’t have to keep moving it around.  At $9.99, it is reasonably priced and a good quality product.