Interview: Cara Downey

CaraDowney1Jen: Today we welcome Cara Downey to Romancing the Book. Cara, will you share a short bio with us?
Cara: You’d think this would be the easy part talking about myself, but I have to admit I do find it difficult talking about myself, not sure why… but here goes. I am 37 yrs old my birthday was February 2… I can say with certainty now that I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and during my years in university this was especially felt during my undergraduate degree, but my confidence wasn’t at the level it is at today. What I mean by that is, I put stumbling blocks in my mine way… and I was thinking I couldn’t do it, and thinking people wouldn’t like the stories I created. I put that dream on the back burner (I want to give advice to everyone out there, never put your dreams on the back burner)… Fast forward to today, I’ve self-published two collections of erotic poetry/short stories and the ideas for my collection of erotic poetry (my first publication) stems from my own desires and fantasies and also my deep love, admiration and respect for the bdsm/kink community. My family has and continues to be very supportive of my shift in career and are just as determined to see me succeed as I am when it comes to seeing myself succeed.

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Jen: Will you share a short excerpt with us?
Cara: Here’s one called “Being a Submissive”.

Being a submissive is not easy it is very hard. Don’t get me wrong, and please do not misconstrue what I am saying. I am a submissive and I love who I am. Through my submission I have gained control and independence. The road at first was hard, and I made many mistakes along the way. Discovering who I was and what I wanted was a learning experience. I meet someone who was patient and willing to give me the time I needed to develop and grow. I gave him everything and in return he gave me everything. That doesn’t mean that it ends there it is just the beginning. We continue to give each other all that we have, because the connection between us is that strong. For so long, I was lost. I didn’t know how to go after what I wanted. Society has this feeling that BDSM is not healthy among other things. The vanilla world judges who we are and the way we love one another and the way we enjoy each other.

I was scared at first. I had what I wanted right in front of me, and I didn’t want to make any mistakes that would result in my loosing what I have found. It had taken me so long to find him, and I didn’t want to risk anything. Risk doing or saying something that would result in him leaving. I now know that he would never leave me, he would rather fight for what we have, fight for us. I love him for it because I would do the same. I relish in my role as his submissive. I take pride in serving him in all things. Like all relationships, we hit some bumpy roads and we had to take a step back and revaluate what we wanted and needed from each other. But through the storm we came through and we are stronger than ever. I love him, and I am amazed at the depth of my love for him, and the depth of his love for me. We started off slow, because I was so new to the life, even though it is a part of me.

That being said, my Dominant, my Master, my Sir, the love of my life, is my anchor. Through his patience, discipline, and knowledge, I wouldn’t be the strong submissive that I am today. I thought at first that I was taking everything from him. His time, his patience, but he showed me that, he relished in providing me with the assistance I needed to succeed in my service. Words cannot express how much I love him, I repeat myself because I am amazed each and every day by the fact that I found him. Or better yet, the fact that he found me. Sometimes he says that he is blessed that I had chosen him, but it is the other way around, I am blessed that he chose me. In the vanilla world, some have the opinion that being a submissive is degrading, and belittling. These particular views are of those whose minds are closed and their ignorance and lack of knowledge of the unknown are the reason for their distaste and lack of understanding. Being submissive is a part of me and it is who I am it is not just an everyday role. I relish in my submission.


Jen: Who is your all-time favorite literary couple and why?
Cara: Oh that’s a tough one… My list of favourite couples is a long one… Sean Harris and Shervon Jones /Cara Downey (I place Sean and Shervon in the mix because I’ve fallen in love with the characters, their story and I cannot wait for everyone else *smiles big* to experience their story as well. Gideon and Eva Cross /Sylvia Day, Damien and Nikki Stark /J Kenner, the couples in Maya Bank’s Sweet series, Colter series, Breathless series, Nathaniel and Abby West /Tara Sue Me, Christian and Ana Grey /E.L. James et al (again the list is pretty long)… I love these couples because they overcome hurdles and hardships in their relationship and proven that love is a work in progress. Yes, it is fictional and the characters are not real… but you can relate to the hardships and the ups and downs the characters experience during their relationship development. Overall, theses stories have the same voice, even though they are different, and that voice reiterates… love is most definitely worth fighting for.

Jen: What drew you to erotic poetry?
Cara: I was drawn to erotic poetry after exploring my own desires and wants… I’m very interested in the world of erotic romance, bdsm/dominance and submission, and my eagerness to learn more added to my desires to write down my feelings, while developing characters for my stories *smiles big*

Jen: What are the challenges of digging into hot topics like past abuse?
Cara: The topic of abuse is a challenge within itself… I believe when writing stories about the abuse characters have suffered, has to be done carefully. The hero and heroine in my new series both suffered abuse and both have overcome… with that being said, it is important again to tread carefully and be respectful of people(s) past and ability to survive. Because some of what we write (as authors), even though it is fiction, can be a trigger for a person who’s a survivor of abuse… we need to make it a mission to ensure our writing is not a source or trigger for any survivor.

Jen: Where would you most like to visit and why?
Cara: I would love to visit Paris… it’s been a dream trip and destination of mine for the past couple of years. Paris is known as the city of love and romance. And again, I would love to visit this amazing place *blushing* I can only imagine the story I’d come up with. I know the day will come when I get there *smiles big* but for now, a girl can only dream.

Jen: If you could have any one super power what would it be?
Cara: Oh… I would love to have the super power to suspend time but also have strength as well.

Jen: What first attracts you to the opposite sex?
Cara: Intelligence is what attracts me to the opposite sex… not to mention I love a man with a wickedly melting smile and piercing eyes that you can drown in *wink*

Jen: What is your favorite animal?
Cara: My favourite animal is a German Shepherd 🙂 I love how protective they are 🙂

Jen: What invention you can’t live without?
Cara: The invention that I cannot live without is the hair blowdryer and the hair straightener lol!

Jen: Print or ebook?
Cara: I’m both a print and ebook lover.

Jen: Fries or onion rings?
Cara: Oh… too much selection, I’m going with both… fries and onion rings.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Cara: My current project is the ‘Harris Tower’ series and book one in the new series is titled ‘SAVED’… I’m aiming to have book one released this year (date has yet to be announced). Besides that, I have a lot of other stuff in the pipe line 🙂