Try It Tuesday: Selfie World Orbit Pro II Easy Selfie Stick


Selfie World Orbit Pro II Easy Selfie Stick
Manufacturer: Selfie World
Weight / Size: 12.36 inches, 4.33 inches, 0.98 inches
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

THE EASIEST & SIMPLEST “PLUG ‘N PLAY” SELFIE STICK ON THE MARKET – Designed for technophobes & non-techies and those who just want to take perfect selfies every time. Perfect for kids, children and so simple even your granny can operate it
• GUARANTEED TO SECURE & PROTECT YOUR PHONE FROM DAMAGE & SLIPPAGE – Built in soft sponge buffers protect your phone from scratches while the strong, spring-loaded anti-fall mount protects your phone from expensive accidents.
• COMPATIBLE WITH ANY iOS 5.0+/ANDROID 4.0+ CELLPHONE – Simply insert the supplied cable into the audio socket of your phone, open your camera app and you’re good to go!
• NEVER WORRY ABOUT APPS, BLUETOOTH, BATTERIES, SOFTWARE OR WIFI – The “Orbit Pro II” is magically simple – just 1) plug the cable into your phone’s audio socket, and 2) press the button on the handle to snap a great selfie.


Review:  Ever been frustrated because you have to contort your body into uncomfortable positions just to capture that perfect selfie that minimizes your double chin while maximizing your new hairstyle?

Selfie World has introduced a solution to this dilemma, which apparently is felt by more than just me. The Orbit Pro II is described as an easy selfie stick. In other words, it is a gadget that attaches to your phone and then you can take your selfie…up to 40 inches away.

As a non-tech savvy person, I was thrilled to see that this product really lived up to its description as being a plug and play item. It arrived in a box containing the stick, a phone mount that easily screws onto the top of the stick, a small orange clamp for supporting an iPhone, a carrying strap and for some reason, two identical instruction pamphlets.

It is important to note that if you have an Otter box or battery case, you will have to remove your phone in order to use the selfie stick. In order for me to try out the selfie stick, I had to remove my iPhone 6 Plus battery case in order to be able to reach the audio jack. I tried using my battery case connector to link with the selfie stick, but it wouldn’t work. Apparently the audio jack from the phone has to be directly connected for the selfie stick to operate.

Once I got the phone attached, all I had to do was get into position and push the button on the selfie stick. It was much easier to balance my son’s iPhone 4 than my iPhone 6 Plus because of the weight and size of the phone. I experimented with different positions since the selfie stick will rotate 180 degrees and you can extend it from 9 to 40 inches.

Although it is described as a selfie stick, I can easily see where this device would be useful in taking photos at school assemblies where you don’t want to get the backs of other people’s heads in your frame. All in all, this is a pretty interesting accessory.