Try It Tuesday: Dog Hair Brush Rake 3-in-1 Value Pack


Dog Hair Brush Rake 3-in-1 Value Pack
Manufacturer: Pet Magasin
Weight: 10.4 oz.
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Pet Magasin Dog Brush Combo – 3 in 1 Combo – All you need to ensure good-looking pet and clean room
  • Package includes 1 of 2 sided dog brush + 1 of undercoat rake + 1 dematting rake
  • Non-slippery handles – Engineered for better grip and smooth experience. Ergonomically shaped handles decrease fatigue
  • Pet Magasin Guarantee – 2 years warranty + 100% money back guarantee


Review: I actually received these brushes in error, having requested another product to review. However, with a beagle that sheds all over the place I figured I could give the brushes a shot. Unfortunately, these aren’t the right brushes for a beagle. My history with thick-coated dogs does tell me that these would be wonderful on the right dog.

Let’s start with the 2-sided brush since that does work on my dog. I’m lucky that he adores being brushed and will sit still for hours. In fact, I tried a few strokes with the wire side of the brush and stopped. He didn’t like that so he jumped up in my lap and nudged at the hand with the brush. A big plus on the 2-sided brush!

The undercoat rake is great for dogs with double coats, like huskies or shepherds (not beagles). I had a dog that dumped out his coat which left clumps of hair all over the house and yard. These rakes are a lifesaver – for both the dog and yourself!

The dematting rake is for longer haired dogs that get their fur matted and tangled. I should have had one of these years ago for that long haired, double-coated dog. He was always getting sap and burrs in his fur.

As for Pet Magasin, I have one of their deshedding brushes and both me and my dog love it. Their products are well made and have some heft to them (without being too heavy). They have nice rubber handles which make them easy to grip and non-slip if your dog is wet. Pet Magasin also has a 100% money back guarantee, which I don’t think you’ll need. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with any brush you buy from them.