Review: The Lifeguard and the Geek by Jamie Urban

The Lifeguard and the Geek by Jamie Urban
Release Date: September 15, 2014
Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing
Pages: 78
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



If a sexy, straight lifeguard and a closeted, virginal geek can get past their fears they might have a shot to turn their unlikely friendship into a scorching-hot chance at true love. The Lifeguard and the Geek by Jamie Urban proves that sometimes best friends make the best lovers!

A virgin and in the closet, graphic novelist Griffin Parks visits California for work and instead finds himself face-to-face with sexy ex-pro surfer Drew Lynch. A card-carrying geek, Griffin knows he has zero chance with the straight and handsome Drew.

Lifeguard Drew Lynch is between girlfriends and oddly enchanted by sweet, awkward Griffin. Secretly bi-curious, but never enough to act on his same sex interests, Drew seeks Griffin out, drawn to the guy in a way he’s never been to anyone before.

The more time Griffin spends with Drew, the more he likes the man behind the outgoing lifeguard persona. And with each day Drew shares with Griffin, his sexual curiosity about men, and Griffin in particular, ignites a little more.

Both men notice each other and like what they see, but each is skittish about rocking the boat. Can this lifeguard and geek let go of their fears enough to reveal their deepest secrets and desires? Do Griffin and Drew dare risk their friendship for a shot at true love?


Review: This was a cute short M/M read that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Griffin was so cute. He had no idea how adorable he is. His lack of knowledge of his appeal made him more likable to me. His lack of experience is in no way a detriment to his appeal at all. He’s a talented graphic artist and is passionate about his art, which adds another layer to his appeal. He lacks confidence but I attribute that to his age and lack of experience. He knows his worth as a person, he just doesn’t know how to parley that into a relationship.

Drew is a young man that is confident, and he has experience in relationships. He’s confident, not cocky, not a jerk, and not a player. He’s a nice guy and he’s sexy as all get out.

The secondary characters were entertaining as well and were good vehicles to help bring these two men together. The secondary characters were accepting of Griffin and Drew and the decisions that they made, and I really love that.

The one criticism I feel the need to make about this book, is the segue from one point in time to another point in time was kind of abrupt and I felt confused about what happened in between one point in time to another. Also, the points in time were months at a time, that’s a big gap in time. What happened? I didn’t like that.

I liked how they start out as best friends and work through their confusion and conflicting emotions separately, and then work on them together.  In the end, I enjoyed this book and recommend it.