Review: Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells
Series:  Prospero’s Wars (# 1)
Release Date: January 24, 2014
Publisher: Orbit
Pages: 416
Source: book provided by the author for review



The first in an all-new urban fantasy series by USA Today bestseller Jaye Wells.

The last thing patrol cop Kate Prospero expected to find on her nightly rounds was a werewolf covered in the blood of his latest victim. But then, she also didn’t expect that shooting him would land her in the crosshairs of a Magic Enforcement Agency task force, who wants to know why she killed their lead snitch.

The more Prospero learns about the dangerous new potion the MEA is investigating, the more she’s convinced that earning a spot on their task force is the career break she’s been wanting. But getting the assignment proves much easier than solving the case. Especially once the investigation reveals their lead suspect is the man she walked away from ten years earlier—on the same day she swore she’d never use dirty magic again.

Kate Prospero’s about to learn the hard way that crossing a wizard will always get you burned, and that when it comes to magic, you should be never say never.


Review: I have not read many books in the Urban Fantasy genre, but the few that I read I have enjoyed to some extent. It was on this premise that I decided to give this book a trial run. The author is new to me so I was going in blind and hoping that I would not regret my decision. Well on completion of the story I must admit that I was glad I took the plunge.

The world that I was introduced to is quite unique. Here we have a city where there is clean magic and dirty magic. Clean magic is available to the rich and it is used to enhance their abilities while dirty magic is cooked on the streets and distributed by cartel like covens to the poorer citizens of Babylon. There are also two types of citizens the mundanes and the adepts. The mundanes could perform no magic whatsoever and the adepts who are left-handed are great at performing all forms of magic.

In this installment, readers are introduced to Kate Prospero. Kate is currently a patrol cop for the Babylon police department. Prior to be becoming a cop she was being groomed by her uncle to become the heiress of dirty magic. However, tragedy struck and she decided to leave that life behind her. She was hoping that becoming a cop would enable her to right the wrongs that her family and other dealers of dirty magic had created. She was constantly being overlooked for a promotion due to her family ties, however, her moment to shine came when an unexpected incident landed her on a special task force. The task force known as the Magic Enforcement Agency was developed to investigate who was the mastermind behind the distribution of a new and deadly potion called the Greywolf.

Kate is easy to relate to. Her struggles are real. The prejudices she faced in the workplace is something that most of us can relate to. Her actions are a clear indication of someone who suffered as a child. She is intent on ridding the streets of the junk she felt destroyed her happiness. Her motivation is stemmed from her need to prove that she could rise above her family’s reputation.

The focus of the story is on the MEA and the BPD working together to rid the city of Greywolf. The story flowed from beginning to end. There were more than one story within the main story and the way in which the author tied everything together made for an intriguing read. There was an unexpected turn of event which had me thinking what the hell just happened. Throughout this moment I kept thinking to myself that if Kate was honest with herself and those close to her then this would not have happened. However, at the same time I understood why she did what she did. This event led Kate to contemplate doing the very thing she has been avoiding all these years.

The book started out with a bang which set the tone for the rest of the story. It held my attention to the end. There were parts when the story slowed down but in no way was it boring. I found the pacing to be just right.

Dirty Magic is a story that is suspenseful, action packed and drama filled. For me it was entertaining and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I do believe that this is a great start to what appears to be a new and exciting urban fantasy series. If you are looking for a unique read and love the world of magic then you will love this book.




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