Review: Craving More by Brandy Walker

Craving More by Brandy Walker
Series: Tiger Nip (# 1)
Release Date: May 31, 2013
Publisher: TEZ Publishing
Pages: 252
Source: book provided by publisher for review



Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation. At the top of her to-do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterious Hunky Cupcake Guy who spent the last two weeks driving her libido insane.

Jett Montgomery-Murphy just wants to know if the tasty treats that keep showing up at work are the same ones his best friend used to get while they were in college. A trip out to Sweet Confections confirms what he thought and brings him in close contact with the one woman he’s secretly lusted after for years, his best friend’s sister Corrine.

A late night tryst leads to two tigers finding their mates and two humans unsure what to do next. Add in an overbearing brother, a best friend with her own drama, and a crazy ex-girlfriend that has a checkered past and you have a recipe for disaster.

Will Corrine and Jett be able to overcome the unexpected obstacles on their way to falling in love? Or will they throw in the towel before the relationship even gets off the ground?


Review: I was completely blown away by this book. I am still having a hard time accepting that this was Brandy Walker’s first published book. Walker did an amazing job and I am very glad that she decided to become an author.

The characters, although they are shifters, are very realistic in human form. The female lead character, Corrine, is not the usual super skinny, weak woman that are featured in most books. Corrine is a strong, thick, and independent woman that is very capable of taking care of herself. She doesn’t like to depend on anyone or let others help her. The lead male character, Jett, is very down to earth, charming, and sexy. He comes from a respectable family with an important background but he doesn’t flaunt it. They work perfectly together. Jett works very hard to tame his wild tigress while raging an internal war with his own feelings. Craving More is hot, steamy, and full of excitement. There is never a dull moment. Although the storyline is amazing, the characters are what made me fall in love with this book.

I was very surprised how great this book is. Like I mentioned before, Craving More is Walker’s first published book. I regret letting it sit on my desk for so long before reading it. I will definitely be buying Claiming More, Book #2, Sam and MJ’s story, very soon. Keep up the amazing work Brandy Walker!