Try It Tuesday: iGearPro 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder


iGearPro 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder
Manufacturer: iGear
Size / Weight: 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches / 4 oz.
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

PORTABLE & PRACTICAL: This digital voice recorder can be taken anywhere to record audio for lectures, meetings, interviews, and discreet & covert spy recordings. Connect the recorder with the telephone via telephone adapter, the recorder can record telephone conversation as well.

SIMPLE RECORDING: It’s extremely lightweight and has a clear LCD display. Simply press REC and then STOP, it will automatically save your recording as a new file. Recording files can easily sort through and delete. (Hard drive on the recorder was already formated.)

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: A-B repeat function, MP3 function, Different languages, Delete function, USB connection (USB connection battery charging/file transfer cable) for uploads and downloads. You don’t need to plug them into a computer to listen to the playback audio. You can listen everything recorded while on the go.


Review:  I’ll admit, I didn’t think I’d have much of a need for a recorder.  But when the review request for this product came across my desk, I was curious and figured I could find a use for it.  Turns out, I talk to myself a lot… creating lists, reminding myself of things I need to do, talking out reviews before I start writing.  So, perhaps I really did have a need.

When I first received the package, I thought the box was pretty small.   But boy was that box packed full.  Included with the recorder were a USB cable , Earphone, Microphone, Audio cable, Telephone cable and a short set of instructions.  I stared at all these cords, mind blogged.  What would I need a telephone cable for?  Turns out the recorder can be used as an answering machine.  Well, I don’t have an active phone line in my apartment, so that got tossed aside.

Once I was fully charged, I decided to start playing around with the recorder.  I began by recording my initial thoughts of the recorder.  It worked well enough once I figured out there was a slight delay in pressing record and it actually starting to record.  Then I replayed my recording and was pretty pleased with the results.  Then I decided to try recording other sounds.  I played one of my favorite songs on my computer and hit record.  That didn’t turn out so well.  The lead vocal came through pretty clear, but the rest of the song just got lost in the playback.

Well, it’s not just a recorder, so I pulled out the instructions to see what else I could do with the device.  It can also function as a simple MP3 player.  So, I plugged it into my computer and after a couple hits and misses, finally figured out how to download some songs to the device.  The transfer wasn’t as smooth as I’d have liked since the songs can’t be in files and all my iTunes and Windows Media Player songs are in folders.  But once I got all that fixed, I put the songs on play and let it go.  4 hours later I still had songs to go and half the battery life still to go.  The other downside of was that the songs couldn’t be shuffled and there wasn’t memory as to where you were in the playlist when you turned it off.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with this recorder.  I wouldn’t recommend recording anything other than speaking.  It’s a handy MP3 player in a pinch and will be a permanent fixture in my purse.