Review: Wolfsong Lullaby by H.D March

Wolfsong Lullaby by H.D March
Release Date: June 20, 2014
Publisher: self published
Pages: 203
Source: book provided by the author for review



Lyric discovers nothing is what it seems on Coral island, least of all its inhabitants, one wants to love her, the other destroy her.

Arriving on Coral Island Lyric discovers a world she never knew existed. Between the hot vampire Quest and wicked werelion Chaya she is in sexual heaven. But there is something that intends spoiling her fun. Lyrics presence has awakened an evil entity; the taking of her soul its target.

Only Quest stands in the way, but will his powers be enough to save her. Recalling the words that he’d fall in love, giving his heart, only to have his love snatched from him. That he’d face an eternity of pain, and Quest fears they are about to come true.


Review: I liked this book. This was an entertaining read and was enjoyable. I’m just struggling with how I want to write my review. The author built up the suspense of what was to come throughout the book, which I loved. Those to me are the best kind of books. My problem is that it’s tough to write a review that won’t give away the plot and ruin it for the reader. Darned author that knows how to write a great book that leaves the reader wanting more.

The protagonists of this book are Lyric and Quest. I love characters that are written and destined to be together. They are perfect for each other. He doesn’t put up with her stubbornness, and she doesn’t put up with him telling her what to do as well as his double standards. It was great to read about. I laughed out loud a couple of times.

There are also several secondary characters that are integral to the story as well. There are two secondary characters that make regular appearances throughout the story and are extremely entertaining to read about. They both are necessary characters that help move the story along and help the main characters throughout the story as well. There are other secondary characters as well that are necessary to the story as well and help move the story along. Each of these secondary characters are rich in personality and extremely entertaining.

Lyric does have a stubborn streak. She also is sensitive, and loves her father very much. She has a best friend that the reader gets to meet and get to know throughout the book. She’s ready to set out on her own and create her own life. She’s afraid, but she’s willing to try and see what fate will bring her.

Quest is a man that is used to getting what he wants, having women at his beck and call and are willing to do what he wants, no questions asked. He’s used to being in charge and not having to answer to anyone. He doesn’t need to work hard at having a willing female fall at his feet.

You can see where I’m going with this right? You got it. When he and Lyric meet up fireworks light up and that’s when the story really gets going and the reader gets to the heart and soul of the story. Quest and Lyric give each other a run for their money and they each learn what it takes to make a relationship work. The bumps and bruises they each get during their learning curve, makes things interesting and entertaining for the reader. Yeah for us.



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