Review: Watch Me by Sasha White

Watch Me by Sasha White
Release Date: August 8, 2013
Publisher: self-published
Pages: 139
Source: Book provided by the author for review



What is it about the tease that’s so hot?

Bethany Mack has it all – a job she enjoys, a best friend who keeps life interesting, and a man she loves deeply. It’s hardly fair for her to complain about Grant, her husband, working too much when he’s doing it to make their life together, a better one. Right?

So she doesn’t.

When she discovers a surprising exhibitionist streak in herself Bethany figures it’s a harmless way to relieve her growing restlessness, but how will Grant react when he discovers what she’s been doing?


Review:  After almost four years of marriage, Bethany Mack is looking to spice up her sex life only to face the realization that her husband is too busy for any kind of action. When a chance encounter reveals that she has an exhibitionist streak, Bethany jumps at the opportunity.

From a practical standpoint, I simply couldn’t quite get into the storyline. I found it a bit far-fetched that Bethany didn’t realize that her husband had a hidden side of his personality (that I won’t go into because it would be a spoiler). Simple communication between the couple would have made all the difference, but then there probably wouldn’t have been a story.

The heat level rises throughout the story as Bethany enjoys various exhibitionist encounters. The true chemistry, though, is generated between Bethany and her husband. There’s plenty of spice packed within the pages, but not quite enough substance to qualify for my keeper shelf.