Review: Night Therapy by Lorraine Pearl

Night Therapy by Lorraine Pearl
Series: Nocturnal Surrender (# 4)
Release Date: October 25, 2013
Publisher: D.L. Wilhelm
Source: book provided by the author for review



Vampire Johnathan McCombs has spent the last century isolating from humanity whenever possible, trying to come to terms with a past that haunts him. When he finally realizes he needs help dealing with his issues, he seeks out a mortal psychologist, hoping her ethical boundaries of confidentiality will allow him to reveal his secrets. He tries to ignore his growing attraction for his therapist, but when circumstances throw them together outside the professional setting of her office, will he be able to contain his passion?

Psychologist Stephanie Taylor connects with her clients because personal experience has made her understand what heartache and trauma do to a person. But when her hot new client drops the bomb on her that he is a vampire, she has no idea what to do or how to react. Now she must look at her life in a whole new light. She has inadvertently put her life in danger and become part of a dark world she thought was only pretend.

In one night, everything changes. Old rivals, pull Stephanie into their fight, and Johnathan must make a life or death decision. But can Stephanie forgive him for the irreversible choice he makes with her life? Can the couple find peace with their individual problems to have a chance at a lasting relationship? And how will the brewing war between vampires and Hunters affect them?


Review: My love of paranormal romance, especially the ones about vampires, led to me choosing to read and review this title. It did not matter that I had no clue as to who Lorraine Pearl is. Based on the blurb I was expecting an edgy, racy, suspenseful, edge of your seat read. I loved the author’s take on vampires. I never thought vampires would need therapy, but if you think about it the fact that they live so long and experience so much over the years they would definitely need it.

Stephanie Taylor is a psychologist and a mortal. She believes that her clients were no different from her. They all had issues to deal with. She believed strongly in what she did. In addition to being a psychologist, she wrote a vampire romance. As far as she is concerned vampires did not exist, so you can imagine her reaction when one of her clients admitted to her that he is a vampire. Johnathan McCombs is a 600 odd year old vampire who has an aversion to socializing. Issues from his past were weighing heavily on him and in a bid to address it, he decided to go for therapy.

They are drawn to each other; however Stephanie was afraid to give in to her feeling for ethical reasons. In addition, she had issues from her past which hindered her in forming lasting relationships. Johnathan’s decision to tell her about his true nature placed her in the middle of a vampire feud. She is struggling to come to terms with her new found knowledge. She is suddenly thrust into a world she once believed to be a fantasy and she was not sure how to cope.

Jonathan’s and Stephanie’s past are mired in self-hate, tragedy and violence. Will they be able to move past this and secure a future with each other?

This is an enjoyable read, with likeable characters that are easy to relate to. The story is fast paced and will keep you glued to whatever medium you are reading from until the very end. The romance is believable and the love scenes were smoking hot. Be prepared to get burned. I was hoping that the author would have provided more background information has it relates to Stephanie’s troubled past. Also, there is supposed to be a brewing war between the vampires and hunters, however, not much emphasis was placed on this.

The story depicts that revenge is never the answer as it cannot change the past. The most effective form of healing is forgiveness. This is a great read and I recommend it to readers who love paranormal romance that is filled with hot and sexy vampires.