Review: Coyote Inn by Tressie Lockwood

Coyote Inn by Tressie Lockwood
Re-release Date: February 9, 2015
Publisher: Amira Press
Pages: 54
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Jarrika has inherited an inn at the base of a beautiful mountain in Oregon, or so she thinks. When she gets there, the angry and cold owner, sexy coyote shifter Jack Summers, tells her she’s the victim of an elaborate lie. Destitute with no idea what she will do next, Jarrika is dependent on Jack’s good graces. She buys time at the inn using her cooking skills to feed the bottomless pit that is Jack and his pet coyote Casey. When time doesn’t heal all wounds, the ghost of Jack’s great-grandmother must bring together an emotionally scarred shifter and the woman meant to be his mate.


Review:  Desperate for a change, and something to call her own Jarrika gives up her life in the city when she receives a letter telling her she’s inherited an inn. Upon arriving in the small dessert town, she learns quickly from Jack, the surely, yet attractive Inn Keeper the letter’s been forged. With no money, no plan, and crushed spirit, she’s at a loss, unti Jack offers to let her stay. This is where a humorous, intense, and eventually sensual game of tug-o-war begins between them.

I liked Jarrika from the very start. She was upbeat, sassy, and above all, a survivor. It was easy to admire her and want the best. I watched her blossom in the small town and chip away at Jack’s hardened shell ,little by little. Their shift felt true to life, and went at just the right pace.

Jack is a man with many secrets. I wanted to shake him , and then I learned what made him react the way he did, and my heart broke. I loved watching him shed his gruff exterior, open up, and take a chance on love.