Review: Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon

Bringing Home the Bad Boy by Jessica Lemmon
Series:  Second Chance (# 1)
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Forever Romance
Pages: 388
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Evan Downey needs a new beginning. Since the death of his wife five years ago, the brilliant tattoo artist has shut himself away in a prison of grief that not even his work can break him out of-and what’s worse, Evan knows his son Lyon is bearing the brunt of his seclusion. Moving back to the lake town of Evergreen Cove where he spent his childhood summers is his last chance for a fresh start.

Charlotte Harris knows she owes it to her best friend’s memory to help Evan and his son find their way again, but she can’t stop her traitorous heart from skipping a beat every time she looks into Evan’s mesmerizing eyes. Charlotte is determined to stay strictly in the Friend Zone-until a mind-blowing night knocks that plan by the wayside. Now, if they’re brave enough to let it, Charlotte and Evan might just find a love capable of healing their broken hearts . . .


Review: I don’t usually read contemporary romance without some kind of kinky twist to it. That’s my usual go to book whether I read them for the blog or in my free time. This book caught my eye and I’m really glad it did because it was cute, funny, steamy, romantic.  I need a moment to sigh.  Ok, back to business at hand.

I actually saw this book out in the stores and I got all excited when I saw it and said out loud (yes I did!), I’m reading this for the blog. People looked at me strangely.  Gee I wonder why…

Evan is an emotionally strong young man that is trying to keep it together emotionally as well as mentally for himself as well as his young son. He is a dad first and foremost and his son is what keeps him from falling apart. He is the epitome of a bad boy: tats, a bad reputation, and killer good looks. That may be what people see, but it’s not who he really is underneath that veneer. He’s sensitive and vulnerable, and he’s willing to take another chance at romance with the right woman. He’s grieved for his late wife long enough, it’s time to live again.

Charlotte is a young woman that has been emotionally damaged by years of people being apathetic towards her. She has no idea how to accept love when it’s given to her and she is her own worst enemy. She has a lot to accept and deal with, but she will in her own time. She’s sensitive and emotionally vulnerable and yet she can be strong when the situation demands her to be.

I loved the interaction between these two characters. There was emotional and sexual tension between them that was just delicious. It made my heart go into my stomach…I love when an author can do that.  Evan is the perfect man for Charlotte and she’s the perfect woman for Evan.

I never read Jessica Lemmon before, but believe me, I will be reading the next installment of her series. She has other books not related to this series that I would like to read as well. I like the foreshadowing of the other books within the series that she includes within the main story. They are brief, but needed little nuggets that will help the reader along the way.