Try It Tuesday: Dual Shower Head System


Dual Shower Head System / Handheld Shower Head and Wall Mount Showerhead Combo 3-Way Shower System
Manufacturer: AquaFlow
Size / Weight: 9.9 x 7.1 x 4.1 inches / 1.9 pounds
Source: Product provided by F&W Trading for review

The 5 Function Luxury 4″ Dual Shower Head System provides an enjoyable shower experience you can look forward to every day.

Features Three-way Dual head shower system – Enjoy both showers at equal pressure at once, or either shower separately. Relaxing and soothing luxurious spa-like experience – Features five functions; including rain, massage, aeration, rain/massage and rain/aeration. Simply turn diverter switch to direct water flow and turn dial to select your desired shower setting.

Universal parts – works with all standard plumbing. / Requires absolutely no tools; installing is super easy.


Review: The first thing I did when I moved into my apartment years ago was to change out the horrible shower head. I had one of those handheld heads that fit into a mount to double as a shower head. I’ve used that device for a couple years and have had no complaints. But when the request to review this shower head system came across my desk, I’ll admit I was interested and game to try it.

When I first received the package, I was surprised with how light it was. This shower head system is made of a pretty durable and rather attractive plastic. Actually, it’s a good thing that it’s made out of plastic, but that’ll come later. The box has many parts in it and a rather sparse set of installation instructions. It probably took me about 5-10 minutes to figure out the instructions and identify the parts and another 5 to install it.

Handheld connection close up
Handheld connection close up

So in theory, I really like the idea of the dual shower head system. Having that static head and then the separate hand system. However, here’s where I had my problem. The handheld part of the system is not sturdy. The nut that connects the handheld to the cord is a hexagon shape while the place that it is held is a circle. I’ve woken up several times hearing a crashing sound from my bathroom, only to find that the handheld fell. It’s especially tricky when actually taking a shower and if you attempt to adjust any of the settings (either to change water flow to the handheld or both or to change the spray settings), the shower head assembly gets wobbly and I’ve had the handheld fall on me. Thankfully it’s not heavy, so I wasn’t hurt. But it was not a pleasant experience. This design fail is what really ended up knocking down the rating for me.

I had one other design issue that cropped up. Part of this may be the design of my shower. However, at 5’8″, I actually can barely stand under the shower head (and comfortably wash my hair) if it’s pointed straight down. I have to angle it awkwardly and have mostly gotten used to it over time. But using the handheld (at least from it’s holding place) as the main head… well, that’s not an option. It just doesn’t stay put.

I’ve been using the shower head for about 2 months and I’ve not had any issues with water pressure and it looks pretty good. But there are a couple design features that just didn’t work for me. Having the handheld is convenient, but the design on this one needs a little tweaking.