Try It Tuesday: ACCTREND Wireless Mouse


ACCTREND Wireless Mouse
Manufacturer: Acctrend
Weight: 3.2 oz
Source: provided by the manufacturer for review

Make those moments at the computer effortless with the sleek cordless mouse at your computer side. Smooth to the touch, precise to the point, designed for those dexterous movements. It Comes with a 2.0 USB nano receiver, to ensure wireless capability.

The wireless mouse is Compatible with windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

Works comfortable on the desktop, laptop and netbook PCs running on Windows. Automatic sleep function to enable energy conservation.

Comes with 2 AAA batteries that are environmental-friendly.

With processing speed of 2.4GHz allows for powerful reliable connection to your machine with zero delays on its functionality. Its 3 level DPI 800/1000/1600 sensitivity, allowing for proper dexterity. With the nano receiver fitting snuggly into the computer’s USB port to communicate wirelessly with the mouse. When the USB receiver is not in use, it conveniently fits inside the wireless mouse. Ensuring it is portable.

Stylish and comfortable with dimensions of 9.5cm *5.7 cm *3.2 cm and weighing 54.4g make it ergonomically suited and comfortable for use.


Review: To my friends and family, I’m known as a mouse killer. I don’t think I’m unusually hard on them, but I tend to go through mice a little more often than I’d like. My last mouse had mostly worked longer than most, but was on its last legs when I was asked to review this mouse. I’ll admit, saying yes to trying this mouse was mostly selfish on my part, but has happy results.

I’ve been using this mouse for about two months now and have no major complaints. I received the mouse in a padded envelope with minimal packaging and instructions. The receiver was hidden inside the battery well and it did come with two batteries (which died in less than a month). Set up was very easy and done in a matter of moments.

The mouse has a built in “energy saving” feature where the mouse will go into a sleep mode after about 10 minutes of use. This sometimes can be annoying, but has been helpful in saving on battery expenses. However, I will say that the set of batteries that came with the mouse did die on me rather fast. At first I thought I’d killed another mouse, but changed out the batteries and was good to keep on clicking.

With some of my past wireless mice, I’ve had trouble with the pointer skipping around and the scroll wheel not working properly. Luckily, I’ve not experienced these issues with this mouse. But when the batteries were drained of juice, my clue was the lagging movement of the pointer. I’ve also have used mini and normal sized mice and this one fits my hand perfectly and comfortably.

In the end, I only have one minor complaint. When you turn the mouse on and off, there’s a little switch on the bottom of the mouse. I’ve found that when I first turn on my laptop and then the mouse, it doesn’t always work at first. I mean the mouse is on, but the computer isn’t recognizing it. So, I turn it off and then back on and I’m good. I’m not sure if this is a driver issue or something else, it’s just a little quirk I’ve noticed and sometimes get frustrated with.

But overall, I’ve been happy with my experience with this mouse. It’s reasonably priced and relatively attractive. I will warn you though, shipping costs on this item was on the high side (I paid $8 since I don’t have Prime and didn’t spend enough to get free shipping from Amazon) and I was rather shocked with the packaging considering the shipping cost.