Review: Wolf in Her Bed by N.J. Walters

Wolf in Her Bed by N.J. Walters
Series: Salvation Pack (# 2)
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 240
Source: book provided by publisher



Is he Prince Charming or the Big Bad Wolf?

Anny Conrad is a single thirty-year-old librarian—a cliché complete with two cats. Dragged out to a local bar, she’s rethinking her life plan over a few drinks when a man walks up and asks her to dance. And what a man. Tall, rugged and more than a little untamed. Before she knows it, she’s in his arms and throwing caution to the wind.

With a pack war in full, deadly swing, the last thing Armand LaForge needs right now is a woman in his life, much less a human. But one thing is certain, he’s met his mate, the one woman in the world for him.

The kindest thing to do is give her all the hot sex she wants and then leave her alone. But when the morning comes, fate isn’t done screwing with them. Anny is confronted with the fact that the myths in her library books are real…and now she’s one of them.

Warning: A night out at a club can lead to a loss of inhibitions and hot sex with a werewolf. Your life will never be the same. You’ve been warned.


Review: Wolf in Her Bed is the second installment in the Salvation Pack series. I found this installment more enjoyable than its predecessor. It recounts the story of Armand LaForge and Anny Connor. Readers were first introduced to Armand in Wolf at the Door. I fell head over heels with him and was glad when I found that he was getting his own story.

Armand is a wounded soul (physically and emotionally) and one cannot help but empathize with him. He, along with his cousins had defected from the Louisiana pack to form their own pack. Their defection was not taken well by their Alpha (Remy LaForge). As a result, they found themselves embroiled in a war between the packs.

Armand and his father (Remy LaForge) did not have a great relationship. His father is responsible for the physical and emotional scars that he is carrying around. Despite the physical scars Armand had the females falling at his feet. He is not keen on having any form of relationship as his main focus was avenging his sister’s death. However, this would all change the night he laid eyes on Anny Connor. He knew from that moment she is his mate. He knew he should away from her for her own protection, but that was proving to be a difficult task. She affected him in a way that he never expected.

Anny is human and knows nothing of the existence of werewolves. She has experienced pain and loss and didn’t what it felt like to be loved and cherished. She has no one in her life besides her best friend Sue and her two cats. On the night of her thirtieth birthday little did she know that her life as she knew it would no longer be the same the moment she agreed to dance with a handsome stranger.

Their path to lasting love was not easy. Anny had difficulty trusting Armand’s feelings for her as she found it difficult to believe that he cared about her. It’s easy to understand why she would feel this way in light of how her parents treated her.

There was one thing I could not understand is why Armand would leave Anny unprotected knowing that his former pack members would be observing his every movement. As such anyone he came in close contact with and showed any interest in would be in danger. I simply could not wrap my head about that.

The conflict which was raised in the previous installment was partially dealt with, however, it would lead to serious repercussions for the pack which I am hoping will be addressed in the next book in the series.

Wolf in Her Bed is filled with passion, romance and there is danger at every turn. The story moved quickly and it had me engaged from beginning to end. This story shows how the struggle for power can lead to betrayal.





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