Review: The Creepers: Born in Winter by Norman Dixon Jr.

The Creepers: Born in Winter by Norman Dixon Jr.
Series: The Creepers (# 1)
Release Date: July 20, 2014
Publisher: Permuted Press
Pages: 281
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Bobby’s whole life has been about surviving in the aftermath of the First War. The Folks taught him about the Creepers. Ol’ Randy taught him how to kill them, how to hide from them, and how to protect himself from their bite. But Ol’ Randy never told Bobby the truth of his existence. After sneaking beyond the Settlement’s razor wire fence Bobby, and his brother Ryan, are bitten. Life as he knows it should be over, he should be dead, he should be a Creeper, a rotting member of the undead, and so should his brother.

But they’re not. When their blood is tested the boys’ secrets are revealed and their world comes crashing down around them.

With Ol’ Randy’s help, Bobby escapes. Alone and in enemy territory Bobby must come to grips with what he is, with what Ol’ Randy has kept from him all these years. He’s a child of science, a beacon of hope in dark times. Bobby struggles through the ruined Colorado landscape, but before he can move on he must settle his past and save the only father figure he has ever known. To do that he’ll need an army and the world is rife with not so fresh recruits.

Review: Dixon just took zombie stories to a whole new level! Wow. The Creepers: Born in Winter will test your knowledge of the undead. I never expected this book to be this awesome.

I am not a zombie fan by any means. I don’t watch The Walking Dead and never felt the desire to. However, if The Creepers: Born in Winter is ever transformed into a movie or television show, I’ll be one of the biggest fans!

Never did I expect a young character to be so hardcore. I started reading book with very low expectations. The saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover” most definitely applies here. The details of the events, the emotions, the setting, everything comes together to make a perfect story. Bobby, Ecky and Ol’ Randy are all amazing characters with completely different personalities, histories and beliefs.

I wouldn’t recommend this book if you are not into violence. After all, it is the undead so don’t expect rainbows and butterflies. The book also tests Bobby’s religious beliefs. Other characters say some things that will not be appealing to someone who is deeply religious. Despite the violence, religious views, and a few very small editing errors, this book is totally worth the read. I will be recommending it to my friends and family for sure.

Favorite Quote: “Bobby ended her attempt with a swift strike to her forehead. She hit the wet snow like a deflated balloon.”