Review: Seeker’s Solace by T. J. Michaels

Seeker’s Solace by T.J. Michaels
Series: Vampire Council of Ethics Book (# 4)
Published Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Pages: 187
Source: book provided by the author for review



When Jovon Dawson-Li is asked to join an elite team to investigate who—or what—is behind the attacks on the Seeker Corps, the pressure is on. Jovon has long dreamed of proving herself worthy of becoming a Serati warrior. This is her chance.

But there are two somethings challenging her focus—her team mates, elite Seeker Slade Tof-Li and clan liaison Shale Reis Krulm. Together, they form a deep matebond. For the first time in her life, Jovon’s determination to become a Serati wavers…and she wonders if she can have her dream and her lovers too.


Review: I found out after getting into the book that I really need to go back and read the first three in this series before moving forward.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like T.J Michaels take on the world of the paranormal. But once I started reading I actually found myself liking this story. It had that different WOW factor that made for an enjoyable page turner.

Jovon is a woman who has a mission. She tends to stay focused and on her path. Strong in her own right it isn’t too surprising to find that she finds an attraction to an Alpha male. Oh did I forget to mention that she also is connected to another Alpha male? If you are counting that makes two for lonely Jovon.  I enjoyed that her needs were looked after instead of total male dominance.

T.J Michaels took the time to make each character well rounded that they had depth which to me adds to the realism. I also enjoyed the multi-cultural story showing that we don’t have to stay within our race or species that thing do work if we can just get past all the racism.

I do have to say that this isn’t a light read.  Although I found it to be exciting and an extremely good story.

So I am off to read the previous books in this series with a nice glass of wine and perhaps a bubble bath. I hope you enjoy this series as I.  I now have another wonderful author for my collection.







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