Review: Sacred by Max Ellendale

Sacred by Max Ellendale
Series: The Legacy Series (# 3)
Release Date: February 17, 2015
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 244
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



Some decisions are easy to make, especially when it comes to the well-being of your mate. Even if the decision means ending the life of another…

Just when Shawnee thought her life would finally settle down, an unexpected visit from Vanessa’s family sparks an unraveling of a different sort. The visitors bring news that the Pride is in trouble. Dugan, a weretiger who relentlessly bullies the most vulnerable members, threatens to take over. Shawnee returns with Vanessa to her homeland and, with the help of Xany and an unsuspecting submissive, works to bring down Dugan before he dismembers the Pride. Can Vanessa stand up to her nemesis and restore the Pride to safety? Will she break under the pressure, or can Shawnee protect her mate from the torment? Shawnee quickly learns to draw on the strength of her pack family and with a keen bit of luck, may very well be the key to saving the Pride and her mate.


Review:  In Sacred we are introduced to a wide variety of characters from ware tigers, to ware wolves, and don’t forget the breeders.  Even being introduced to all of these characters it is very easy to see that Vanessa, Mal and Shawnee.  This story is told from the point of view of Shawnee alone, and I find that very different but welcoming.  Usually I have found that the story is told from the point of view of the main characters no matter how many there are.  This one follows Shawnee (Dr. Twofeathers) and her relationships with Mal and Vanessa.

I found this story well written and very easy to jump into.  Even though it follows multiple people throughout the book and was flawless how the author would go from one issue to another between the characters.  Just like most books there was one point where I felt like yelling “just get it over with,” however frustrating that was too me I was still intrigued and refused to put the book down.   All the characters in the story are likeable and easy to relate to in some form.  Not necessarily the paranormal aspect (hehe) but in the family and the bonds that they all create.  There is also one point in the book when they are all traveling and I found the transition from Utah where the story starts to Ireland very seamless.  Even the environment and the situation that they are going to help with are explained in such detail that it is easy to visualize what there surroundings might look like.

Just like most romance stories there are a few love scenes between the main characters that had me fanning myself.  There are m\f and f\f relationships within Scared but they are vary tastefully done.

All and all a wonderfully written book that I wouldn’t mind reading more about.

Favorite Quote: ““To… having everything. Exactly what I’ve always wanted. What do you do, what do you think about when you’ve got everything you want?”