Review: Living London by Kristin Vayden

Living London by Kristin Vayden
Series: Westin Legacy (# 1)
Release Date: January 31, 2013
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing
Pages: 176
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Love is stronger than we can imagine.

Love is never impossible. But for Joselyn Westin, it’s not probable. After the death of her grandmother, Joselyn feels lost in world that seems empty, till a cryptic message in one of her grandmother’s favorite books changes everything.

Sometimes love happens in the most unexpected, incredible places. Jocelyn wakes up in London, during the Regency Era. But her knowledge of the time is poorly lacking, even with all the historical romances she’s read. She quickly learns that life is the greatest teacher.

What Joselyn discovers is more than just history, it’s a way of living, a way of loving and discovering that for love, nothing is impossible.

Especially when you find yourself “Living London.”


Review: This is a really enjoyable time travel/ historical romance set in regency period London. Jocelyn Westin, with a gentle nudge from her grandmother, finds herself thrown back in time to an era she has always found interesting.

She must confess she has no memory so all bets are off when it comes to regency manners, dress and customs. Thankfully, Jocelyn has a little help in that area. It doesn’t take her long to get her bearings, thanks to her grandmother, who prepared her for this, and thanks to all those historical romance novels she read.

With a certain very handsome Lord Ashby coming to her rescue and then checks in on her frequently, Jocelyn finds herself living out her ultimate fantasy, just like in one of her regency period romance novels…. until reality sets in and it’s no longer fun and games.

Who amongst us regency romance readers hasn’t at one time or another fantasized about living in that era, wearing those fabulous gowns, attending Almacks, dancing the waltz with a real live handsome rake, being a member of ton, having someone do your hair etc? It sounds like it would be fun, at least for awhile. Jocelyn actually gets to do just that and it suits her. I loved the way she compared things from the present with things from the past. They way men spoke, carried themselves, their masculinity, and manners. I also loved the details about the food, the uncomfortable clothing, the hats, all of which stuck with the historical accuracy. Jocelyn is from the future and although she gets a crash course in regency manners, she still slips in a modern phrase or two. In any other circumstance, this would have irritated me to no end, but in this instance it worked and was actually funny, since those in the past were often puzzled by her vernacular.

The romance is just perfect. Ashby has always loved Jocelyn but because of her wealth, he never acted upon it because he feared people would think he only wanted her money. But, with Jocelyn’s “memory loss”, he has found himself able to start things over with her with a clean slate. But, things don’t always go the way Jocelyn hopes and she begins to wonder if perhaps she should abandon London and go home. A few tears will be shed, and a few issues will need to be resolved, but London just may be where Jocelyn will find her happy ever after.

This story is very, very light in nature, no super heavy drama or high angst here. Still, the author did an outstanding job of paying homage to this era and I say it’s about time regency was written with the authenticity this one had. There was no course language, the romance was sweet, the details were accurate, and the time travel added a special touch to the story, making it simply magical.





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