Review: Curse of the Alpha by Tasha Black

Curse of the Alpha by Tasha Black
Release Date: November 16, 2014
Publisher: 13th Story Press
Pages: 387
Source: book provided by the author for review



Step into a world of shifters, witches, ghosts and romance…

Ainsley Connor has turned her back on her past.

Her perfect life as a successful real estate agent in Manhattan makes her memories of growing up as the daughter of a werewolf seem like a dream. But when a tragic accident forces her back to her unusual hometown, she can’t repress her inner wolf any longer.

Worse, the pack needs her to settle down and pick a mate. But how can she choose when the tiny college town is full of sexy shifters, all vying for her attention?

And the shifters aren’t even the strangest thing about Tarker’s Hollow…

˃˃˃ In Episode 1…

Ainsley Connor is on a mission to get back to the penthouses of Manhattan before the full moon. Will the pack manage to stake their claim on her before it’s too late?

˃˃˃ In Episode 2…

Ainsley learns about the danger facing the pack, and discovers that someone she trusts is hiding a dark secret. Will she be able to restrain the beast inside as it struggles to break free?

˃˃˃ In Episode 3…

Ainsley must retaliate after a shocking betrayal. Information from her past helps her to see things in a new light. But how will she react when she receives a ghostly visitor?

˃˃˃ In Episode 4…

Ainsley makes a plan to leave Tarker’s Hollow, but ends up running for her life. Will she manage to escape in time to use what she has learned to shape her future?

˃˃˃ In Episode 5…

Ainsley makes a powerful enemy. Mysteries are solved and secrets are uncovered. How will the pack react when the new alpha is drawn?

˃˃˃ In Episode 6

Ainsley must master her true nature to bring balance to the pack. Will she be able to harness her powers in time to defend the ones she loves?


Review: Lucky me got to read the whole entire six episode series. I think that not reading all of the episodes, the reader misses the story and what happens to the characters. For me, I can’t stand not knowing what’s happening to the characters that I’ve emotionally invested in. I need to have a beginning a middle and an end. I would love a happy ending, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

I’m happy to say, that there is another installment to this story and will be a continuation of where the author left off. I can’t really say what happens as I don’t want to ruin anything for anybody. I will say that I’m excited to read more from this author, more of this series, this world of shifters and this particular story.

This book is Ainsley’s story. It’s about her transformation from being a New Yorker to living in Tarker’s Hallow again. It’s her accepting her wolf and all the facets of who she is. Ainsley has denied who and what she is for a long time. She’s her own worst enemy and she gets in her own way most of the time.

At first I didn’t like Ainsley. I thought she was a snob and was too judgmental of anyone that wasn’t like herself. I wanted her to accept who she was and so it was frustrating to read what she was doing to get in her own way.

What I do like about Ainsley is that she learns quickly and realizes what she needs to do to help her fellow townspeople. She learns to listen to what her instincts are telling her to do and she makes some incredible transformations and redeems herself in mine eyes. I love it when that happens.

There are some secondary characters that are worth mentioning. We have Eric, Julian, Grace, Clive and Cressida. These characters are important because they help move the story along. They each help her realize her place in Tarker’s Hallow. All of these characters play a vital role in helping to tell Ainsely’s story. It’s hard to explain how they play their parts, as I could give away the plot, and that wouldn’t be fun, but lets just say that they are needed, wanted and necessary.

I can’t wait to find out what else happens in Tarker’s Hallow.