Review: Brink of Passion by Sondrae Bennett

Brink of Passion by Sondrae Bennett
Series:  Alpine Woods Shifters (# 6)
Release Date: February 25, 2015
Publisher:  self-published
Pages:  185
Source: Book provided by Sondrae Bennett



He’ll do anything to protect his mate.

The last thing Laurie expects when she bumps into Max at the shifter convention is finding her mate. Certainly not that her mate can shift into a leopard. Wolves and leopards mix about as well as water and oil. Or should she say, dogs and cats. Mating him means leaving her family, her town, and the only home she’s ever known. But the possibility of a happily ever after is worth the risk, right?

Max couldn’t be happier with his brazen, feisty wolf, but returning home isn’t the welcoming affair he’d expected. In his absence, his brother has been attacked within the leap complex. Something must to be seriously wrong. Could someone be using his loved ones to get to him? When his worst fears prove true, his protective instinct goes into overdrive. Will keeping Laurie mean putting her in danger?


Review:  It’s been awhile since I have read a paranormal romance book, but after reading the book’s description I was looking forward to this one.  Sondrae Bennett pulled me in from the first page.  In Brink of Passion there isn’t a lot of unnecessary story that just bogs down the main plot.  She jumps right into the main story.

We are greeted with the spitfire of a female lead in Laurie.  Laurie is the type of person who gives as good as she gets and add the fact that she comes from a family of alpha wolves she has the power to back it up.  Our other main character in the book is Max.  Laurie and Max meet by chance at a conference that they were both attending.  One of the major things that helps this story is that it is told from the point of view of Laurie and Max.  That really allows us into their relationship and how they see it forming and growing.

If spontaneous combustion was possible between to people my kindle would have set itself on fire!!!  The physical connection is off the charts but unlike other stories that I have read the mental connection is there and just as strong, and that was a relief to see for me.  So many authors that I have read lately forget about that connection and to me in reading a great story you need to be able to connect with the characters on multiple levels, and lets face it as much as we want it I’m sure we don’t all have the amazing sex lives that we read about in books.

Although Brink of Passion is the sixth book in the Alpine Woods Shifters series I was able to pick right up and follow the story without having read any of the previous books in the series.  However after reading this, I will be going back to find out how the rest of Laurie’s family came to find their matches.

Favorite Quote: “I call you everything because that’s what you are.  My everything.”