Review: A Dark and Stormy Promise by Kurt Dysan

A Dark and Stormy Promise by  Kurt Dysan
Series: Wild Darkness Calls
Publisher: Muse it Up Publishing
Release Date:  September 26,2014
Pages: 34
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



The house Ellen and Gary bought in the country seems to radiate a curious and sexually arousing energy. Being in the house re-energizes their marriage and then some.

Ellen invites friends to come from the city for a weekend of sex. A huge thunderstorm blows in, making travel impossible and the friends cancel.

A couple arrives at their door, stranded by the storm. Ellen and Gary invite them in and finds out the couple once owned the house.

Ellen and Gary fall under their spell and Ellen is swept into the powerful currents of her wildest sexual fantasies.


Review:  A Dark and Stormy Promise is a short, hot , erotic tale with hints of mystery.  A house with a very unique history and the ability to make fantasies comes true leads married couple Ellen and Gary, who are stuck in a rut to explore more interesting levels of sexual play. When travelers are stranded in their home by a freak storm, the clothes come off, and the fun begins.

I didn’t feel like I got to know Ellen or Gary very well on a personal level, but I think we can all relate to the comfortable zone couples fall into after they’ve been together for a while.  If you’re looking to indulge your fantasies and get lost in the world of what if’s, this is the perfect read for you. If you’re looking for more of a plot however, this may leave you wanting more.