Try It Tuesday: Dog Harness and Pet Safety Belt Kit by Pet Magasin

harnessDog Harness and Pet Safety Belt Kit by Pet Magasin
Manufacturer: Pet Magasin
Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

Both you and your pet will love it!

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Dog Harness with Pet Seat Safety Belt – Perfect for traveling with your dogs, you get 2 products with the price of 1

Open Neck Style Design
Your pet will feel extra comfortable with this open neck style design, they will be happier and so will be you.

Product Details
Size: Small – Girth adjusts from 15” to 20”, Medium – Girth adjusts from 17” to 22”, Large – Girth adjusts from 19” to 26”
Color : black and Blue
Package includes: 1 x dog harness + 1 x car seat safety belt – you pay for the price of 1 and get 2


Review:  I’ve never used a seat belt for a dog before. However, now that I’m older, I definitely see them as useful during travel. In an accident, pets can be injured or injure others. I travel several hundred miles per year visiting family and friends. That’s why I decided to try this product with my 50 pound pit bull mix.

I ordered the large vest after measuring my dog. The product arrived in a small cardboard package, no larger than a manila envelope. There were not any instructions, but the vest is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is put the dog’s front legs into the leg holes and snap the clips. The plastic clips seemed a little flimsy. I was worried that this product would not hold up to my tests because of the quality and the fact that the large size fit barely fit my dog. He didn’t seem uncomfortable. I let him wear it around the house for a few minutes so he could get used to it before putting him in the vehicle. He didn’t even notice it. It’s very light weight.

To test out the vest, I snapped the belt into the middle seat belt clip of my Tahoe. The leash that holds the clip was a little short so he had to be laying down during the trip. He didn’t seem to mind though. I live in a busy town so I took him with me through the after work traffic. On our trip, I had to apply the breaks pretty aggressively a few times to avoid an accident. He never tumbled into the floorboard or hit anything. The vest held him in place pretty well. Luckily, I didn’t have the opportunity to test this in an accident so, I wouldn’t know how it would hold up in that situation. Just by seeing how well it help up during our drive, I’d guess that this vest would do well though.

Throughout the trip my dog seemed pretty comfortable and didn’t mind being restrained. He doesn’t usually wear a harness so this was fairly new for him. He took to it very well. I really liked that he wasn’t tossed around when I made sharp turns or slammed on the breaks. I think he was as pleased as I am with the results.

The vest, even though it didn’t fit him with 100% accuracy, didn’t leave any marks on his skin or bare spot in his fur. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with instructions or warnings of any kind. I expected something similar to child safety seat guidelines. Maybe a suggested placement in the vehicle or a caution as to what not to do or how to use the product. Any insight would have been helpful to someone who has never used a safety harness for a pet. Overall, I liked the product and its functionality although the company should include proper instructions and warnings so the customer is more informed. I will probably be ordering one for our smaller dog in the future and I will suggest it to anyone who is looking for a similar product.