Throwback Thursday Review: When Love Comes Along by Elaine Coffman


When Love Comes Along by Elaine Coffman
Series: Mackinnon (# 6)
Re-release Date: June 6, 2013 (originally published Sept 1996)
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
File Size: 440kb
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Fletcher Ramsay is a man in search of his destiny. He travels to Scotland for revenge and his stolen title—the Duke of Glengarry. He has prepared for this all his life and nothing will stand between him and his goal.

Well, almost nothing. It seems it is also Fletcher’s destiny to meet Cathleen Lindsay, a minister’s granddaughter, and as pure as first fallen snow. At first, Cathleen resents Fletcher’s intrusion into the lives of herself and her grandfather, for she knows they are opposites in every possible way. But time is on Fletcher’s side, and she begins to see the gentle soul behind the impassioned man seeking revenge. But loving Fletcher can be dangerous, and Fletcher must risk all to protect Cathleen and everything he believes in.


Review:  When Love Comes Along by Elaine Coffman was a very pleasant read. It went by pretty quickly once you get past the first few pages. Our hero Fletcher was born a Scotsman and grew up in America after someone murdered his father. He grew up wanting and waiting for revenge. Now he’s back to get what’s rightfully his.

Along the way he meets Cathleen Lindsay and she ends up helping him find the truth. She also  helps him find love. Cathleen was an okay heroine as far as general heroines go, but I really could have done without her quoting the Bible and her general super piety. That’s all well and good, but not usually something I look for in my romance novels. I did like how sweet and genuinely kind she is. Her patience and understanding with Fletcher was really heartwarming.

The buildup in the attraction and love aspect of this book was very fitting and I actually really enjoyed it. It was a pleasant change from the usual love and lust at first sight that you get in lot of these novels. They had few funny moments in here, and I feel that if there had been a few more humorous scenes, it really could have given this story a boost.

Fletcher as a hero had a lot of redeeming qualities. His patience with Cathleen’s shy ways and fears was lovely, but I felt like he could have been a bit more commanding in certain aspects. While searching for answers and the person who’s trying to kill him, him and Cathleen work very well together. The suspense was very well written and while I had an idea of who it was, it didn’t detract from the story whatsoever.

All in all this was an enjoyable, slow but satisfying read.