Review: Season of Desire by Theresa Romain

Season of Desire by Theresa Romain
Series:  Holiday Pleasures (# 4)
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Publisher: Kensignton Zebra
Pages: 323
Source: book provided by the author for review



Like her four sisters, Lady Audrina Bradleigh is expected to marry a duke, lead fashion, and behave with propriety. Consequently, Audrina pursues mischief with gusto, attending scandalous parties and indulging in illicit affairs. But when an erstwhile lover threatens to ruin her reputation, Audrina has no choice but to find a respectable husband at once.

Who would guess that her search would lead her to Giles Rutherford, a blunt-spoken American on a treasure hunt of his own? When a Christmas snowstorm strands the pair at a country inn, more secrets are traded than gifts—along with kisses that require no mistletoe—and Audrina discovers even proper gentlemen have their wicked side…


Review: Season of Desire is a must read historical romance novel. Readers will be drawn in by the alluring yet mischievous Lady Audrina Bradleigh and her co-conspirator, Giles Rutherford. In the dashing exciting story both characters learn a lot about each other and themselves, what they really want and who they really are. Will Giles Rutherford prove to be a Duke in good standing? And will Lady Audrina and Giles fall in love and marry as their society so tells them to do so? Or will both defy all rules of their society and families?

I loved reading Season of Desire. The story so closely relates to today’s society and rules. The younger generations are rebellious and mischievous just as Lady Audrina and Giles Rutherford were in the plot. But despite their scandalous behavior and backwards way of going about falling in love both have indeed a life the of happiness. And because of this the characters are believable. They come to life for us readers and make reading more enjoyable. Because we can place ourselves into the character’s shoes. The characters are unsure where the fit in and we all can associate to that at some time or point in our life.

I highly would recommend reading this brilliant yet stunning romance to readers all over. This novel contains adventures that will leave you breathless with intrigue. The suspense from both of the main characters is enough to keep reader lured in forever. Trapped in a historical world where wealth and properness come in hand in hand. And then you have two remarkable individuals set out to find their own way in life trying to bend the rules of their world. A very fascinating read indeed.





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