Review: Even Villains Have Interns by Liana Brooks

Even Villains Have Interns by Liana Brooks
Series: Heroes and Villains (# 3)
Release Date: January 15, 2015
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 155
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review



It’s Chicago vs. The Super Villains: America’s Second City will never know what hit it.

Bootleggers, drug dealers, crooked cops, and dirty politicians… Chicago has always had a reputation for indulging in the finer vices of life. That’s why Doctor Charm’s favorite daughter found America’s second city so appealing—criminals are never boring. As second in command for the powerful Subrosa Security group, Delilah Samson finds opportunities to use her superpowers at every turn. Whether it’s stealing a priceless French painting from a mobster or stopping a drug deal, she’s game.

In fact, the only thing she doesn’t care for is Chicago’s favorite native son, Deputy Mayor Alan Adale, the man who made Lucifer jealous. Sinfully handsome, or possibly just sinful, Adale has been pursuing Delilah since she first arrived, and she’s been dodging.

When she finds ties between the new kingpin in town and a drug The Company wants to buy so they can create more superheroes, Delilah takes the gloves off. Teaming up with the spooky Spirit of Chicago, she aims to take down the dealers, the mobsters, the kingpin, and The Company. All without falling in love with the one man capable of capturing her heart.


Review:  This is off of my normal path for reading, but it did intrigue me so I figured let’s give it a shot.  Even Villains Have Interns takes place in the year 2033, in a little town we call Chicago.  The story is mainly told from Delilah, the female character’s, point of view.  A strong single woman with some extraordinary talents.  Delilah works for a prestigious security company in Chicago and has made quite a name for herself over the years.

What Delilah is proud of though is the name that she has made for herself after hours, when she goes by another name:  Locke.  With a family history rich in drama and rehabilitation She is looking to make her place in the world.  The question is how do you do that and keep the ones that you love safe?  And in a world filled with enemies and villain’s how do you know who you can trust?  Locke meets an unlikely alley in The Spirit of Chicago, but she is still reluctant to take help from anyone except her minions.

Will good win out over evil? Will Delilah learn to trust or will it be to late?

This is a slow book to read.  I can usually fly through any book but I found that this book had a hard time keeping my attention.  The plot was not strong enough , and I know I am used to Alpha males but this book makes the male lead seem a little spineless.  I look for a stronger male lead in the books I read.  Although it is nice to see the woman taking care of business the lack of a strong man left me looking for more.

Favorite Quote: “Well, superheroes have the whole sidekick thing pretty well wrapped up.  I guess you could call him a minion, but since he’s being paid instead of exploited, I went with intern.”