Review: Ensnared by Charisma Knight

Ensnared by Charisma Knight
Release Date: September 5, 2014
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press
Pages: 131
Source: Book provided by the author for review



Naturally feisty Charlie Marine plans for an extended vacation on Mars in spite of all the abductions in her area. When she misses her shuttle, a strange Xuldarian man claiming to be a pilot approaches her. Against her better judgment and eager to start her vacation, she takes him up on his offer and discovers she’s been abducted and to be delivered to a Vaakulsian Commander–Rhyker Aluhira.

Rhyker knew from the first time he laid eyes on the tall, dark, and beautiful Earth goddess that he was in for the long haul–only, he didn’t know just how much of a fight she’d put up to preserve her identity. Unlike submissive Xuldarian and Vaakulsian women, Charlie is brave and defiant. Rhyker fears her outspoken ways will soon place her in danger. Can Rhyker and Charlie meet each other half way or will they continue to butt heads in a world where women are expected to be subservient?



Review:  One of the most challenging aspects I have found in reading science fiction is the integration of unfamiliar language. Fortunately, adding a mixture of erotic and paranormal characteristics improves the reading experience.

Author Charisma Knight introduces readers to the Vaakulsian race, warriors who must accept human females for mates or face extinction, in Ensnared. There’s plenty of drama to start off the story, setting the foundation for the current state of affairs for the warriors, who have sought refuge on Xuldaria.

The beginning of the story caused some confusion for me. Whether it was the unfamiliar names such as Rothgar, Lokie or Rhyker, the storyline didn’t flow as smoothly as I had hoped. On one hand, the commander is trying to fight an attraction to an abducted human woman who is anything but the ideal submissive mate. On the other hand, there is drama and intrigue going on underneath the surface regarding possible conspiracy, which was very difficult to follow.

However, the erotic element between Rhyker and Charlie was fully developed, providing a steamy interlude between battles. As a human female, Charlie wasn’t quite thrilled with the idea of a Vaakulsian mate — regardless of how incredibly hot he made her feel. It almost seemed like Charlie was trying to orchestrate a women’s rights movement among the women…which seemed a bit out of place.

The stage is certainly set for additional novels delving into the relationships of other characters. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make much of a connection with Rhyker and Charlie. In order to be memorable, I like characters who are consistent throughout the story. In this case, Charlie waffled quite a bit and just wasn’t a strong female lead.

The ingredients are in place for an interesting story, but more development and attention to detail is needed in order for Ensnared to earn a spot on the keeper shelf.