Review: An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning

An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning
Series: Thornbrook Park (# 2)
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 384
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review



The Countess of Aberford is determined to make a match for her sister, Lady Alice Emerson, but each man she brings to Thornbrook Park only inflames Alice’s improper interest in unsuitable Logan Winthrop, a rugged man once accused of murdering his great rival.

Logan’s determined to shelter himself from the pain of unrequited love—he knows the feeling all too well—but something about Alice stirs his desire to start living again. Though they fight their urges, the pair can only resist for so long; eventually they must choose between bowing to society’s rules or breaking them…


Review:  The set up was initially the same as many other historical romances released these days and I had to stifle a groan when it seemed this book would be no different. A young lady trying to hold on to her independence, avoid marriage, and live life freely is constantly being shoved in front of potential suitors by her over zealous sister. Been there, done that. Right? Well…. maybe not.

Alice is an independent girl, way ahead of her time, wishing for a life of adventure, which did not include marriage. However, she does find herself attracted to Logan Wintrop, a fallen man once suspected of murder, who now works for Alice’s family.

However, Alice’s sister, Sophia, is determined to see Alice married and her reasons are just a little selfish. But, Alice has managed to dodge all the suitors pushed her way so far. However, when an old and boring suitor, who is a little more persistent than the others, arrives, Alice will need Logan’s help to send him packing.

Despite Alice’s unwanted attentions toward him, Logan begins to realize he actually likes the young lady and continually reminds himself they can not become involved. But, that may be easier said than done. Just as Logan begins to give in to Alice and her unconventional ways, a horrible turn of events will stop the budding romance in it’s tracks.

This is where the formulaic romance suddenly becomes quite interesting indeed. Alice finds herself in a most vulnerable way and Logan seems to have left her in her time of need. From this point on, the book was simply impossible to put down. The truth is revealed about Logan’s past, and Alice begins to piece together a sinister plot. However, it’s going to take some doing to prove her theory and free herself once and for all.

Logan and Alice make a wonderful pair. I loved Alice’s spirit and Logan’s sense of honor toward the women in his life , but also the respect he had for Alice made him quite appealing. He loved her, but never forced his will upon her like so many others in her life were trying to do.

There are characters you will love, like Aunt Agatha, and characters you will want to slap and others you will despise. The suspense is palpable and the last quarter of the book is shocking and clever all at once. I am glad I stuck with this one because I ended up really enjoying it after all.