Review: A Pirate’s Revenge by M.L. Guida

A Pirate’s Revenge by M.L. Guida
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix (# 2)
Release Date: July 10, 2014
Publisher: Buffalo Mountain Press
Pages: 357
Source: book provided by the author for review



Cursed by a demon, William O’Brien changes into a dragon with mystical powers he can’t control. In dragon form he becomes a ravenous beast with the power to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. He’s forced to make a decision: leave the ship or face killing the crew.
But before he can go, he discovers a new menace hunts him. The God of the Underworld has released a female demon, more deadly and evil than before, with orders to capture William and combine his powers with a male witch in order to destroy the crew of the Soaring Phoenix.
Mariah Fey, a talented witch, wants only to save her brother from the bowels of the evil pirate ship, the Fiery Damsel. If William will trust her, she can teach him how to harvest his gifts, control his abilities and together their true love can defeat their enemies.


Review: A Pirate’s Revenge is one of those books where it certainly helps to have read the first story in the series (A Pirate’s Curse). I found it hard to follow the relationships and the world-building around the demons, plus I never did figure out why the demon Maketabori wants Hannah and her father so badly. Some of the terminology used also evaded me and I had to figure out what it was from the storyline.

Mariah is a witch on the side of good as opposed to a warlock on the side of evil. That alone is confusing to me as I always thought of witches as female and warlocks as male. Mariah is petite and feisty, the typical romance heroine. For me, there just wasn’t anything that grabbed my attention, nothing that made me yell “I like her!”.

In a similar vein, William is the typical romance hero – swarthy, stubborn, handsome. His only flaw appears to be that he turns into a dragon. I like my heroes flawed, more-so than the typical stubbornness.

I did like the dragon although I was confused as to his good guy/bad guy status. When the dragon was put into William, I thought he was a demon but as the story goes on and he helps William, it appears he’s more of a trapped soul.

This book didn’t really grab me but if you like historical paranormal, I think you will like this book – but I do recommend starting the series at the beginning.