Meet the Reviewers: Danielle U.

Facebook-20140827-051258My name is Danielle Urban. I live in the United States. I am a full time college student working on my degree in Business. I am not only a full time college student but a book reviewer, blogger, and editor. I am the leader of my college’s Journalism club. We recently published our first publication and reached 100 views just in a few days. As a book reviewer I review novels by the following companies: Avon, Bethany House Publishers, Carina UK, Harper Collins, Harlequin, Harper Impulse, Entangled LLC, St. Martin’s Press, Tule Publishing and many more.  I have an A+ status on the Avon Romance website as a blogger, and I have a Gold membership status for BookLook Bloggers website. I work as a freelance editor from my blog called, Universal Creativity Inc.  And from my Weebly website called, A Writer’s World Inc.  I also started work as a full time editor for Royalty House Publishing.

I have written over 60 book reviews. They are posted all over. I have a Twitter account which you can follow me @Danielle_Urban2 and my Facebook page is called Universal Creativity Incorporated. I have experience as a writer as well from just writing reviews. I have published over 500 poems on my Facebook. I have written over 30 short stories on my blog and I have self-published my very first YA novel called A Viking Warrior by Emily Fulken. My first non-fiction novel is also on Amazon and can be found under my real name. I am currently working on my third project called Second Chances. This new project is a new adult novel. So, far I have 69 pages and 6 chapters.

My favorite genres to read are romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, cozy mystery, mystery, romance comedy, YA, inspirational romance, and Christian romance. It is very hard to choose one book out of many but my favorite book would be Wuthering Heights.




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  1. JoAnne says:

    Wow Danielle. Quite a bio and still a college student. What a resume you will have! Good luck in all your endeavors.

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