Try It Tuesday: Morea Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Age-Delaying Serum



Morea Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Age-Delaying Serum
Manufacturer: Morea Naturals
Weight / Size: 50 ml/1.7 oz.
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review


FINALLY: Powerful New Serum Promotes Smooth, Glowing Skin At A Fraction of The Price

Hyaluronic acid is known for its proven ability to reverse the signs of aging. This silky smooth formula is loaded with antioxidants Vitamin C and Green Tea to promote collagen production and protect your skin from UV damage.

What makes this serum better than all the others?
• Instantly plump fine lines while reducing the appearance of wrinkles gradually
• Add intense moisture to dry skin
• Instant glowing complexion
• Improve appearance of dark under eye circles
• Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin

Our unique formula is so safe and effective it passed the rigorous standards to be sold at Whole Foods. If that doesn’t impress you, how about the price? We charge the same as our competitors for a larger bottle!

• Paraben Free
• 72% Organic
• Cruelty Free
• Airless Pump Bottle Keeps Ingredients Potent

Our competitors on Amazon will tell you their hyaluronic acid serum is the best for fighting fine lines. They will tell you their serums will reduce the signs of aging instantly at cheap prices. But I tell you this is not the case – and here’s why.

Their dropper bottles do not protect ingredients from spoiling, only an airless pump bottle can preserve the serum effectively. They claim to sell natural ingredients but what they won’t tell you is that many of their serums are made in China and loaded with harmful additives and parabens.

Our serum is handcrafted in the U.S.A. in small quantities for the highest quality. The best part about our serum? Our 1.7oz size is the best price on Amazon! Quantities are strictly limited. Because our serum is made fresh we often sell out for weeks at a time – get yours today!

All of our products are backed with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee!


Review:  I will be the first person to admit to being skeptical about the many claims that Morea Naturals makes regarding its beauty serum. However, after trying the product for two weeks, I can report that while I haven’t seen a dramatic change, I feel like this is a quality product worthy of being on my shelf.

The product arrived in a well-protected mailer to ensure no damage would occur. Upon opening the cap, I was pleased to see that the serum is dispensed via an airless pump bottle. This was much more convenient than having to squeeze out of a tube or use a special applicator.

According to the packaging, this serum is loaded with Vitamin C and green tea, which would explain the slight fragrance. It’s not exactly unpleasant, but my husband did ask me to identify the odor. The application process itself was very easy, with virtually no mess left behind. I was especially impressed that the formula was light as opposed to greasy.

Am I completely sold on hyaluronic acid being the key to glowing skin? Maybe not, but it certainly didn’t hurt anything to try it.