Try It Tuesday: BerryBargains Silicone Gel Watch

BerryBargains Silicone Gel Watch
Manufacturer:  Premier
Weight:  2.1 ounces
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

  • Gaurenteed Waterproof watch
  • ultra slim bangle bracelet strecht silicone gel
    one size fits all
  • great for sports outdoor water running daily and all day activiity for men women children and girls and boys
  • 3 pack in each order! get it close to free! use it as beauty jewel real life time and more Accurate Gaurenteed
  • Waterproof watch! easy set up and support on time delivery with FBA

(Please note that this was copied directly from Amazon, spelling errors included.)


Review:  I received this product in the mail a couple months ago (unsolicited) for review.  I received one of the watches from the three pack in a neon green shade.  The watch arrived in a bubble wrap envelope with two slips of paper, one asking for a review and the other some simple directions on how to set the watch.

Well, what good is a watch if it doesn’t have the right time on it.  So, obviously before doing anything else, I went about trying to set the time and date.  While they do give directions, they weren’t easy to follow.   It took me longer than it probably should have (and I like to think I’m relatively tech savvy) to finally figure it out.  And as I’m sitting here 2-3 months after having programmed the watch (and understanding that we did have a time change), it’s 6:22 according to my computer and the watch is reading 7:59 (if we didn’t have the “fall back”, it would be 7:22 at the moment).  So, the watch isn’t keeping good time.

On to design… the watch is made of a jelly material, which has slight give.  That stretch was needed to fit over my hand to get to my wrist, where is was just a little loose.  There are some flexible ridges on the inside sides of the band that were a little annoying.  I also wasn’t a big fan of thickness of the band.  I prefer a watch band to be flat, it’s a reason it don’t generally wear bangles.  I spend a lot of time on the computer and the band just wasn’t comfortable for daily wear.

I think for general use, pass on this watch for something a little more high quality.  But, I can see it’s use if you’re perhaps spending time at a beach or exercising.  It may also be more suitable for children.

As a side note, when looking at this product on Amazon, I was very turned off by the product description.  There were multiple typos and the longer description was one long run on sentence that is ultimately the programming directions.