Review: The Wishing Tide by Barbara Davis

The Wishing Tide by Barbara Davis
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Publisher: NAL
Pages: 415
Source: Book provided by NetGalley for review



Five years ago, Lane Kramer moved to Starry Point, North Carolina, certain the quaint island village was the place to start anew. Now the owner of a charming seaside inn, she’s set aside her dreams of being a novelist and of finding love again. When English professor Michael Forrester appears on Lane’s doorstep in the middle of a storm, he claims he’s only seeking a quiet place to write his book. Yet he seems eerily familiar with the island, leaving Lane wondering if he is quite what he appears.

Meanwhile, Mary Quinn has become a common sight, appearing each morning on the dunes behind the inn, to stare wistfully out to sea. Lane is surprised to find a friendship developing with the older woman, who possesses a unique brand of wisdom, despite her tenuous grip on reality.

As Lane slowly unravels Mary’s story and a fragile relationship between Lane and Michael blooms, Lane realizes the three share a common bond. But when a decades-old secret suddenly casts its shadow over them, Lane must choose between protecting her heart and fighting for the life—and the love—she wants.


Review:  Rich with details, Barbara Davis has written a beautiful saga centered around a seaside inn. With a touch of suspense, The Wishing Tide manages to transport readers right onto the beach.

From the beginning, it is clear that all is not quite as it seems. The author provides subtle foreshadowing, dropping clues along the way. Lane’s attempts to make friends with Mary serve to illustrate the loneliness that permeates the pages of the story. With Michael added to the mix, there is a solid dose of drama in the form of a secret from the past.

As the story progresses, it is like puzzle pieces shifting into place. When Lane is first introduced in the story, not only is she the operator of the inn, but she writes magazine articles about places she has never been and things she has never done. Each of the three main characters exhibits a sense of false identity that is later revealed throughout the story. I was impressed with the way the author took three seemingly unrelated characters and brought them together in a meaningful way.

The themes contained in the story range from mental illness to the concept of forgiveness. In the end, it is a story about fighting for the life that we want and healing from past transgressions. The challenges presented in the storyline are all part of real life. Watching how the characters would handle those challenges guaranteed my attention from start to finish.