Review: The List Lover’s Guide to Jane Austen by Joan Strasbaugh

The List Lover’s Guide to Jane Austen by Joan Strasbaugh
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 211
Source: book was provided by the publisher for review



Her life, her work, her legacy—step into the world of the incredible Jane Austen.

It’s Jane like you’ve never seen! Through fun and breezy lists, discover everything there is to know about Jane Austen, the sassy literary genius we know and love. Learn her likes and dislikes, her haves and have-nots, where she traveled, how she lived, and who she knew.

With a wealth of little-known and fascinating information, find out:

•Her friends and her beaux
•Every place she lived or visited
•Books in her library
•Her quirks
•The last lines of everything she wrote

And so much more!


Review: While I am not much of a list maker myself, I do love list compiled by others which pertain to a specific topic. This book really stood out for me since I love Jane Austen. For me, Jane’s work set the tone for romance novels as we know it. I have read a moderate amount about Jane Austen’s life but I have never seen so much material gathered in one place about her as was the case with this book. If you are a huge fan of Jane Austen you simply can not pass this book up. But, even if you aren’t the biggest fan in the world, just having all these facts neatly compiled would appeal to anyone who enjoys history, list, interesting tidbits about famous people or even some pop culture enthusiast.

Some of the information included in the book are little known facts and some of it is common knowledge, while some might fall into the “too much information” category. There were even illustrations and menus. At times I did question if anyone really needed all this minutia regarding one person no matter how respected and admired they were.

However, this book would make an excellent addition to your Jane Austen library and could be used as a guide for class study, a theme paper or for information regarding this time period. If you need your memory refreshed about the characters, the books, the quotes, this book would make for an excellent reference book. I was impressed with all the work and research that went into creating these list. It was endlessly fascinating and I can not think of a single thing you could possibly add to this book. It is very, very detailed leaving no subject untouched. I kept the book by my bed and would read portions of it each night until I had looked through it all. This book is not the type of book one reads from front to back like they would a novel, but I found it hard to put aside. All in all this was a fun and informative book, one I intend to keep as a guide or even to impress my friends with all my knowledge about Jane Austen.