Review: Sarah Sunshine by Merry Farmer

Sarah Sunshine by Merry Farmer
Series: Montana Romance (# 2.5)
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Publisher: self published
Pages: 126
Source: book provided by author for review



Cold Springs, Montana, 1896

After five years working at the saloon, Sarah Withers is a free woman. The shame of her past is behind her and nothing but blue skies lie ahead. But when her plans to become a respectable woman collapse under the weight of old wounds and fresh battles, her worst fears seem realized. The joy of her life and light of her heart, Roy, couldn’t possibly love a fallen woman like her, could he?

Roy LaCroix’s future seems made. Delilah Reynolds has made him manager of her new hotel. The only thing he needs to fill his days with sunshine is Sarah. But dark clouds line the horizon when Sarah stumbles into a twenty-year-old feud as it breaks hearts in the present. Roy must stay true to himself and his love for Sarah to stop a bitter past from repeating itself before it’s too late.


Review:  I am a lover of historical romances. Ones filled with twists, passion, loads of lovable characters, and words that steal your heart. When I read the blurb for Sarah Sunshine I was pulled in and ready to see what Ms. Farmer had to offer her readers. Sadly, I was quite disappointed. I wasn’t sucked into the story like I wanted to be. I had to keep setting the book down and come back to it to finish it. It just didn’t hold my attention. Normally a book of just 100 or so pages takes me just one day to finish. This novella took me 2 weeks.

Sarah and Roy’s characters were a bit too immature, in my opinion. I felt like I was reading a story about teenagers rather than adults who find passion amongst themselves. This story of finding true love and happiness left me with a frown on my face instead of a smile. I didn’t feel the connection between Roy and Sarah.

While Ms. Farmer’s efforts are well intended with this story of redemption and new life, she just didn’t create a story that I could read again. But, that doesn’t stop me from recommending it to others. Just because a book doesn’t pull me into the heart of the story and keep me hooked, doesn’t mean that others won’t like it. Despite not enjoying this read for lack of maturity amongst the characters, I will try more of Ms. Farmer’s work as I do believe she has a talent lying beneath.