Try It Tuesday: Soothing Relief


Soothing Relief: Psoriasis-Eczema Treatment Healing & Relief Mist
Manufacturer: Vi-Tae
Size: 4.46oz
Source: product provided by the manufacturer for review

Your Search For The Best, All Natural, Psoriasis & Eczema Relief is Over!

Vi-Tae’s “Soothing Relief” Psoriasis/Eczema Treatment Healing & Relief Mist gives you a completely nature-based solution which provides immediate relief of the itchy, dry, flaky skin and redness caused by this very uncomfortable condition.

For those who suffer from Psoriasis or Eczema, it’s crucial to not irritate or damage the skin that is already so sensitive, and “Soothing Relief” alleviates bothersome symptoms while being gentle on sensitive skin.

This is accomplished by avoiding harsh chemicals that can actually make these conditions worse. Sea Water is chock full of soothing, renewing minerals.

Kelp powder is used in many psoriasis treatments in a low concentration, but when surrounded with the irritating chemicals in other formulas, the benefits are diluted.

“Soothing Relief” Psoriasis/Eczema Treatment Healing & Relief Mist includes Kelp Powder as the main ingredient, due to its moisturizing and anti-itch properties.

In addition, oats improve collagen deposition and boost hydration. Organic ground cloves lend a rich earthy fragrance that bursts from the creamy ,luxurious lather to soothe your skin and your senses.

Featuring natural, botanical essential oils that specifically target pain, itching, scaling and flaking, this formula focuses on simple, natural elements and does not contain corticosteroids or antibiotics, which many people have sensitivities to and which can also lead to other problems within the body.

A spritz of “Soothing Relief” will instantly wrap your skin in calming comfort, reducing inflammation, moisturizing dry, flaking skin and diminishing pain significantly.

If you suffer from Psoriasis or Eczema, Vi-Tae’s “Soothing Relief” Psoriasis/Eczema Treatment Healing & Relief Mist will be love at first spray.


Review: I have some patches of psoriasis on my knees and elbows, so I thought I’d give this product a try. I was intrigued by the fact that it’s all natural and it’s supposed to be soothing since my patches tend to get a little itchy.

When the bottle arrived, I found the packaging to be attractive. The coloring and fonts were appealing and I was able to read everything, which was a plus. I was especially drawn to the short list of ingredients. It’s nice to see a product that only has 5 ingredients.

I’ve been trying this product for about 6 weeks now. I’m still not used to the smell. It’s rather harsh, strong and it lingers. It’s also not as soothing as I’d like. Oftentimes, when I spray the product on my knees, it actually burns a little before it soothes, which isn’t what I’d expected.

After using it, I do find my skin is a little softer. But, with the smell, I probably don’t use it often enough to “relieve the symptoms of psoriasis” as the description states. It also doesn’t help that it is a little oily and I have to wash my hands after using.

I think a little tweaking, perhaps adding something to make it smell better, could improve this spray.