Try It Tuesday: Dog Deshedding Brush



Dog Deshedding Brush — Pet Grooming Shedding Tool for Small, Medium and Large Dogs or Cats with Short or Long Hair
Manufacturer: Pet Magasin
Dimensions: 6” x 3” x 2”
Weight: 8 ounces
Source: Product provided by the manufacturer for review

Both you and your pet will love it!

Pet Magasin™: Providing the best product to customers at a fair price.

Dog Shedding Tool – neat product and you will see reducing shedding within minutes

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design – you will feel easy to work with it on your dogs, and that make the entire process completely fun

Product Details

One size fits all – the tool works on small, medium and large dogs
Color : black and green
Unique clicker button – easily remove hairs attached to the tool with one simple click, so that you dont have to remove those dirty and sticky hairs with your bare hands

Pet Magasin Products Guarantee

2 years warranty
100% money back guarantee
“Buy from people, NOT the Internet. Innovation Around The People Experience.”
You see, to us, the phrase “2 Years Warranty” is more than just a brand promise. It’s a sign of our integrity.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will understand exactly what needs to improve going forward, and refund the full purchase price if necessary.

No hassles, no delays, and no questions asked!


Review: I jumped at the chance to review this product. As the owner of a beagle (and anyone who owns a beagle knows how much they shed), I sweep up a bagful of hair every week. Of course, any brush will help conquer this problem if you brush your dog every day.

So what do I love about this brush? First off, the button. I’ve had other dog brushes that use the same type of technology but none has worked as efficiently – I’ve always had to physically remove some of the hair from the brush. The Pet Magasin brush releases the hair freely into the trash 99% of the time. Secondly, I love the comb. I’ve been using a flea comb on my dog just because it does a better job of removing loose hair than a standard brush. Now I have the convenience of the comb plus the ease of the button.

The brush itself feels sturdy and the head detaches for easy cleaning. The handle has a little bit of heft to it and is comfortable in my hand. I could probably brush my dog for hours and I’m sure he wishes I did! I’m also lucky in that my dog loves being brushed and this brush is no exception. All I have to do is hold up the Pet Magasin and he jogs over to sit in front of me.

The only downside of the brush I’ve come across is the packaging. It comes in one of those hard shell plastic packages that you have to cut open and I just hate those. If the manufacturer would put it in a box or at least have some sort of zip opening, I would like it much better.

Overall it gets five stars for style and performance. If you have a shedder, be it dog or cat, this is a great brush to have.





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