Try it Tuesday: Borage Seed Oil

Borage Seed Oil
Manufacturer: Life and Food Inc.
Weight and Size: 60 / 1000 mg. capsules
Source: Provided by manufacturer for review

  • 60 Softgel bottle of premium grade Borage Seed Oil. Each 1000 mg softgel contains 240 mg GLA (gamma linolenic acid).
  • Borage oil contains essential fatty acids to help aid healthy hair, skin, bones, and reduce inflammation . Recommended 800 mg GLA is seen to regulate metabolism as well as support fat reduction.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY softgels. Hexane FREE and Cold Pressed.
  • Supplement also shown to helps with arthritis. Seen to help with skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Made and manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities in the USA. Quality and safety are a primary focus for all Life & Food branded products.


Review: Please check out this product before you buy, there are some warnings.

I did some research on this product before I started using just to make sure that there were no major problems. After my research I found that it couldn’t hurt to try. So I started.

I forgot to measure belly fat as that is one of the things that is supposed to help but I did notice that if I took to capsules daily as recommended on the label I didn’t feel so bloated. But, I do want to say that I am more bloated during the hotter/humid days of summer so even though I noticed a difference I would like to still give it a try during the summer.

During my research I noticed that there were multiple uses for Borage Seed; which by the way is from a plant where the flower, seed and oil is used. Among the many uses it is food for your skin. Past the acne stage I wasn’t able to see the results for that. Hair though I was able to notice a subtle difference as I have very thick, wavy hair that tends to frizz easily. My hair is smoother but then again the results may be different if the climate were hotter and more humid. But, to me even the slightest help where I don’t have to use as many products is a definite plus.

My energy levels did spike which is a good thing when dealing with menopause early on. It takes a lot out of you. Although I don’t have RA there are times those joints ache in the morning and Borage Seed helped on those morning making it a little less painful. I did notice that not only my hair being a little healthier but my nails have become stronger.

I haven’t finished the whole bottle yet but what I have finished and learned is that it is a good product when taken as directed. But as with most supplements; if you are taking pills for different things it is always good to check with your doctor first.

I would recommend this product it is easy to take and I had no adverse reaction and did see results in the short time that I have been taking it.