Review: When Dark Falls by Pippa Jay

When Dark Falls by Pippa Jay
Release Date: November 21, 2014
Publisher: Breathless Press
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In a city where Dark Technologies Inc. now runs the show, Kadie Williams has more immediate concerns than the fall of Blaze, their guardian superhero. Almost every morning for the last few months she’s woken up with cuts and bruises on her body and no idea how she got them. There are no nightmares. No evidence that she sleepwalks or any sign of a break in. And nothing to tell her who’s been cleaning up after her. As just one of thousands of civilians conscripted to slave away in the labs of Professor Dark, she knew there’d be trouble ahead. But she never expected it to be so bad, or so personal.

Desperate for answers, Kadie looks to the new defender of the night, the only person who can hinder the total domination of Professor Dark—Nocturnelle. The mysterious vigilante superhero came from nowhere with her cybernetic sidekick Shadow, set on putting an end to the brutality of Dark’s regime. But as his laboratories work on a new secret super-weapon, Nocturnelle and Shadow may not be enough to save Nephopolis…or to save Kadie either.


Review:  If you have ever eaten at a gourmet restaurant, chances are you know what a palate cleanser is. For those unfamiliar with the term, it is used in to remove lingering flavors between courses.

As a reader who has a fairly steady diet of erotica, I found When Dark Falls by Pippa Jay to be an exceptional palate cleanser. Typically, my experience with the science fiction genre has been limited to futuristic ménage stories. Needless to say, it was quite an experience to immerse myself into a world where superheroes really exist.

The author has created a world unlike anything I could imagine. Although I was unfamiliar with some of the terminology used such as a cloudburner, it didn’t take long before I was able to navigate my way through the story. Without giving away an essential piece of the story, the author has created an action-packed cast of characters that brings back memories of the Justice League.

It’s a quick read that can easily be devoured in an afternoon. While those new to the genre might have some initial difficulty grasping the storyline, a key plot twist midway makes this story well worth reading.






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