Review: Hope Springs Eternal by Elle Marie

Hope Springs Eternal by Elle Marie
Release Date: March 22, 2014
Publisher: self published
Pages: 230
Source: Book provided by author for review



A determined woman who will not abide anyone’s wallowing. A stubborn man who has lost the will to live. An attraction neither can deny, but both will try to.

Lady Sofia has been kidnapped, imprisoned, and tormented for the past three years of her life: by her society, by her family, by her betrothed. When escape finally presents itself in the most unlikely of forms, she takes it, daringly rescuing a man from a watery grave that he craves. What she does not realize is that she has set into motion a series of events that cannot be changed and will forever alter her fate.

Lord Caleb wants nothing to do with women, nothing to do with his father, and nothing to do with life. When a strange woman rescues him from the waters of the Thames, he has no choice but to follow her whether he wants to or not. Her allure is undeniable, even if she infuriates him at every turn. She pushes him to stand, to walk, to be a better man. He never needed any of that in his life before. Finally, when he admits his attraction to her, she turns her back on him, like all the other women in his life since the accident. But this time, he will not accept defeat so easily, for he has found his reason to live.


Review:  Lady Sofia Basilisk will do anything to escape the clutches of the dreadful man her relatives have presented for her to wed — even if it means she has to run away.

In Hope Springs Eternal, author Elle Marie pairs up two very unlikely characters and sets up a touching love story. A chance encounter between Sophia and wheelchair-bound Lord Caleb Remington creates a foundation where not only does Sophia find the safety she craves, but Caleb get the encouragement he needs.

Set in England, this historical romance provides a welcome change from the stereotypical debutante/rake storyline. Not only are the characters more realistic, but so are the challenges they face.

Probably my most favorite part of the story is the rather creative way that Lord Bancroft is punished for his actions. Although some of the torture scenes are rather explicit, they play an important role in the story’s development. The heat factor between the characters is relatively high, as well.

I found this to be an engaging story that will encourage me to seek other books by this author.