Review: Crimson Heat by Jan Springer

Crimson Heat by Jan Springer
Series: Vampira Series (# 4)
Release Date: August 7, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 101
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



Vampire Lisbeth Crowe has done her best to put her past as Satin, the Queen’s favorite blood slave, behind her–even if it has meant leaving three delicious, devoted lovers behind. Escaping Russia and the Crimson Clan and becoming an American entrepreneur has helped–as has joining the powerful, all-female Vampira coven, which prohibits its members from becoming sexually involved with men.

But when Lisbeth models in a fashion show as a favor to a friend, one of the Queen’s evil minions sees her–and begins scheming to return her to the wicked monarch.

Jaymes, Tristan and Luca have longed for their beloved Satin for decades–and after hearing of her whereabouts, rush to reach her before the Queen’s henchmen can. Racing against time, they track her to a desolate hideaway, resuming their long-denied love affair and determined to fight to the death if necessary to keep it.


Review: I was about to faint when I thought that I hadn’t read any of the books but the fourth one. I’m happy to admit that I have read some of the books in this series. If you haven’t at least read the first one you will be wondering what in the world you had missed. That’s when you get the biggest info and knowledge on the Vampira.  In this book you get to meet Satin who was the Crimson Rose’s Queen’s favorite slave. Her blood is so sweet that it has almost cost her, her life.

Lisbeth finds out that she is still not making her own decisions no matter if she with the Queen or the Vampira. She’s not allowed to have sex when she is under either one of them. She had fallen in love with Jaymes, Tristan, and Luca. All three of them was slaves to the Queen and she knew that they could never be together. She left to protect herself and the bounty hunters of the queen. She thought that she was doing the right thing for everyone. So what that she hasn’t had sex in over fifty years.

I loved watching this story unfold and I really grew to hate the Queen. All Jaymes, Tristan, and Luca wants to do is go far away to be with the woman they love and to protect her. All I wanted is for someone to get rid of the queen and let the four of them have a HEA. I just couldn’t put this book down. I wanted to find out how it ended and I also wanted to see what happened to everyone. I’m glad with the ending and how it turned out. I really want to share it with everyone but I’m not that kind of reviewer. Go out and read this series if you haven’t.