Try It Tuesday: UNU Enerpak

UNU Enerpak
Manufacturer:  UNUCASE
Weight / Size:  3.7 ounces
Source:  product provided by the manufacturer for review

This powerful device can fit inside a pocket or purse and is perfect for on-the-go use, yet, still boasts the ability to re-charge almost any USB product including tablets and smartphones.

Using a 1A USB port to charge almost any USB device, the Enerpak Micro contains a 2800mAh battery which can effectively charge most electronics at relatively fast speeds.

While the integrated colorful microUSB cable provides a unique stylish look, it also enables users to charge any compatible device without carrying an additional separated cord.

Designed with the best battery material, and most reliable circuit design, the Enerpak Micro is a safe and reliable source of re-chargeable power which can be recharged more than 500 times.

Made to be the perfect travel companion the Enerpak Series Battery Packs are plug-n-play, charges your iPhones, iPods and iPads, and all USB powered devices on-the-go at any location that you need for a quick boost.


Review:  I was excited about trying this portable charger.  I am constantly running out of battery on my phone, especially on the days that I am sitting at my kids’ sports practices.  To have that extra battery life was exciting.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to what I was hoping.

The UNU is great in a pinch.  It never charged more that 60% and it took a long, long time.  Like, overnight and it still wasn’t 100%.  I tried it a couple of different times with the same results.   I even asked my husband to try it…he had the same experience.

Like I said, this would be great in a pinch.  Like, if you are going to a family get-together for a couple of hours.  But I wouldn’t rely on it on vacation.