Throwback Thursday: The Windflower by Laura London

The Windflower by Laura London
Re-release Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Forever
Pages:  535
Source: book provided by the publisher for review



 The classic tale of passion on the high seas, available in print for the first time in 20 years . . .

Merry Wilding is a lady of breeding, of innocence, and of breathtaking beauty. With high hopes for a holiday in England, she sets sail from New York-but the tide of her life is destined to turn. Mistakenly swept aboard an infamous pirate ship, Merry finds herself at the mercy of a wicked crew . . . and one sinfully handsome pirate. Soon she’s spending her days yearning for escape, and her nights learning the pleasures of captivity.

Devon Crandall believes Merry is in league with his greatest enemy. He’s determined to slowly urge her secrets from her. But along the way, he discovers her beautifully unbreakable spirit . . . and a desire unlike any he’s ever known. She is hiding something from him, and yet, each day that passes brings her deeper into his heart. When fierce arguments give way to fiercer passion, can a pirate learn to love a woman? Or will true love be lost at sea?


Review:  When I first started reading romances, it was books like The Windflower that I bought first.  They are beautiful written with characters that capture our imagination and provide enough passion and romance to last a lifetime and take us to places that we’d never be able to visit otherwise.

The Windflower was first published in 1984 by a husband and wife team.  It became one of the classic romances.  Back then, a romance was flowery and almost innocent compared the harder romances that are popular today.  My worry was that this book wouldn’t be able to live in this modern world.  And while I enjoyed this book, I think because the book was written 30 years ago, it wasn’t as enjoyable as I wanted it to be.

The characters are great.  Merry is an 18 year old American who is accidentally kidnapped by pirates.  Devon is the gorgeous pirate who is determined to uncover Merry’s secrets and prove her to be a spy…and introduce her to passion.  While Merry is determined to fight off Devon’s affections, she finds herself waiting for his kisses and finds herself falling for him.

Devon is the perfect romantic hero – sexy, smart, educated, romantic, witty and a bit naughty.  He knows exactly what to say and do.  He knows exactly what he wants and he is willing to be patient to get it.  When he realizes that Merry is the perfect girl for him, he puts on the charm and really, how can anyone say no to a man who is willing to risk death over and over for you?

I have to be perfectly honest though.  I got about half way through the book before the length and wordiness of the story started to bore me.  The descriptions were long and the dialogue started to get to be too much.  I found myself skimming through parts of the book.  To me, it really started to be apparent just when the story was written.  And while the characters were great for 1984, I found Merry to be a bit…boring?  I don’t even know if that is the right word.  She just started to grate on my nerves because I really wanted to her be more independent and stick up for herself.  Devon went from being this tough, rugged pirate to a simpering lovesick fool.

Even with those issues, it is still a book I am glad I read.  Not my favorite…but one worth the time.

Favorite Quote: “Chopped up fairy wings, the heart of a narwhal taken during a lunar eclipse, spit from a consumptive.… Christ. Just drink it, will you?”