Throwback Thursday: Beast of Burden by Tami Sinclair

Beast of Burden by Tami Sinclair
Release Date: December 19, 2008
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 20
Source: book purchased by the reviewer



Blade Wintermere is a lone wolf, literally, and as the Alpha Male of his werewolf pack, he must find a mate. Drawn to the local bar and its exotically alluring owner for reasons he doesn’t understand, he watches her from the darkness of a corner table. Then, on the night of the full moon, when his senses are at their sharpest, he finally understands his attraction to the beauty. She’s part wolf and doesn’t know it.

Tina Black has been attracted to Blade since he first walked into her place, but getting involved with men in her bar is a really bad idea. Until Blade touches her. Senses alive as never before, she’s determined to find out just what is going on between them. One touch, one kiss, and she knows exactly what he is.

Convincing Tina to become his mate is the only way Blade can ensure her safety, but can he do it before the moon forces his transformation?

Review: One hot werewolf and things begin to heat up.  In this hot little short we find that once you meet your mate you proceed slowly but then when the time is right the heat turns on and it is pure fire.

From the first time Blade came into her bar Tina was drawn to him. But her personal policy was to leave the customers alone and not get involved with them because that was trouble. Blade was literally a lone wolf. As the Alpha Male of his pack he needed to find a mate. The first time he entered Tina’s bar he was attracted to her.

It took the full moon for him to totally understand his attraction to her. All it took was one touch, one kiss and Tina was his.

I loved the heat in this short story. The characters and storyline was likable but as it is with most short stories I would have liked it to be longer. I have to say though it was just warm enough to heat up a cold winter day. A sweet story of finding your mate in the least likely of places.

Favorite Quote: “…Yeah. Start me a tab. I think I’m going to be here a while.” Quite a while.